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Eating out with Baby

By Traveller January 14, 2019

Eating out with Baby

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By Clyde Traveller January 14, 2019

My wife and I are going to Rome the end of this month. are most restaurants Baby friendly?

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Hi Clyde, a lot of restaurants are baby friendly in Rome. However, If you'd like to have a unique experience in the center of Rome, having your baby free to be around, I can organize for you private dinner in our of our partner's house, cooked by an Italian chef and personal waiter/waitress.

Let me know!
Local January 14, 2019
Hi Clyde

La Limonaia Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 1/A
Mucca Pazza, via V.Zambardelli 34/40
OS Club via delle Terme di Traiano 4/A
Ketumbar, via Galvani 24, Roma
Rec23, piazza dell’Emporio 2
Local January 14, 2019
Yes, no worries. There are plenty of pizzeria or casual trattorias where you can go with the baby ;)
Local January 14, 2019
Thank you! any in particular you recommend near pantheon or central area?
Clyde Traveller January 14, 2019
Da Francesco
Osteria del Sostegno
La Quercia
Il Corallo
Da Peppo

These are typical roman restaurants or pizzerias. The places Renato mentioned above are restaurants where you can actually find playground for kids and spaces dedicated to them. Have a nice time in Rome!
Giulia Local January 14, 2019