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Good shopping Rome?

By Local April 14, 2017

Good shopping Rome?

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By Wendy Local April 14, 2017

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here is a shopping mall
Local April 15, 2017
yes absolutely !
many places to go shopping
i suggest via Cola di Rienzo with a focus in COIN excelsior
via del Corso for global brands Zara and H&M and foot locker
via dei Condotti via Borgognona via del Babbuinoand Piazza san Lorenzo in Lucina for high-end luxury brands jewelry and buotiques
in the Rione Monti you find:
Pifebo for second-hand vintage and many small shops very cool and trendyù
via dei giubbonari and around piazza campo de fiori for a mix of every thing but not hgh-end luxury

and viale Marocni a bit less expensive than via dei giubbonari but you can also find Max Mara

flea market is portaportese or mercato monti

outlet mall Castel Romano outlet

Local April 14, 2017