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By Traveller May 12, 2017


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By Rotem Traveller May 12, 2017

We'll be in Rome for only one day, we're a group of 5 people looking for someone who shows us the city 😊

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Hello! When are you come in Rome? I can be here and help you!
Local May 12, 2017
We'll be there on July 24th! Thanks!
Hallo Rotem!
If you want I can show you the city and customize the tour depending on your interests and time! I'm a local ambassador, I know every corner of Rome! The best places from where to take pictures, the best places where to eat typical food, I can take you shopping, show you classic Rome or unusual sights of the city!
Don't hesitate to contact me!
That sounds great! I'd live to hear more
Can you give me your email?
Cool! I've sent you a private message with my contact and some quick questions for you! :)
Ho rotem how many hours? And when ?
I can give you numbers for private guides if you wish so you can write me on my email
Thanks! We're staying at Vicchio, so I guess we'll be there for only 6 hours
Hi Rotem,

Is it your first time in Rome?
What type of traveller are you and what do you normally like to see and do?

You could opt for a traditional tour through the main tourists sights, or decide to wander through the city centre with a local host and get to know the paces which are most loved by locals.

If the second option sounds appealing to you I can recommend one of our locals in the city. You can browse through their profile on: https://www.cityunscripted.com/book-a-local-in-rome

Have a lot of fun in your Italian adventure!

Local May 12, 2017
Hi Rotem! If you want we can guide you through the labyrinthine roads of Rome. When are you coming to Italy? If you are visiting Rome for the first time you'd better visit the centre... there are many beautiful corners to see! I have created a nice tour (pictures on my facebook page "Rome - Historic Adventure Tours" if you want to have a look at it). This tour allows you to see the most important Roman spots.
Local May 12, 2017
By the way, we are a team of certified tour leaders :). If you need details about our tours you can contact me via email (galderisi.gianluca@gmail.com), where we can arrange a tailor-made tour (since you have only one day to spend in Rome and, therefore, we should create something which concentrates a lot of stuff in one day; we can do it!). Otherwise, if you like it, I have published a sample of ancient Rome tour here on likealocal (Rome - A Perfect Circle)
Thank you sp much!
I'll search your page on FB
This is the link: https://www.facebook.com/historicadventureitaly/ :). Check the albums. Hope you like them. There are many other options we didn't published yet. If you are interested in our tours, tell us about you and your interests and we can arrange a tour that perfectly fits you ;)
*haven't published