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Best way from Airport to City Center

By Traveller August 8, 2016

Best way from Airport to City Center

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By Vicki Traveller August 8, 2016

Hi, what is the best way to get from the Fiumicino airport to my hotel which is near Piazza Navona?
Is it best to take a taxi from the airport? Is it still 48 Euro fixed rate?
To take a train to Termini and then a Taxi?
Are there other public transit options?

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by a friend with a car!
Local August 31, 2016
Hi Vicki,
As someone already told you, probably depends on how many luggage you have.
The easiest and also cheaper way to reach the center(termini station) is the bus. You have many different choices outside the airport like Terranova, TAM, Schiaffini. The cost is always no more than 6€.
Once you get Termini you can just drive a bus or a metro to your hotel.
You can simply check your route on google maps choosing the public transportation method.
Pay attention with taxi, if you prefere this option. They often try to swindle! At least always ask before for the price.
Have a nice stay in Rome
Local August 8, 2016
Thank you! This is very helpful.
Another question: Google is recommending I take the FL1 train and the 280 bus. If I choose this route, where can I buy a train ticket and a bus ticket?
The train is pretty more esxpensive(around15€) and is also arriving at termini station. So if you want to save some money in better the bus. In both cases you can buy the ticket at the station in the moment you will arrive. Just folow the different directions inside the airport. For the bus is gonna bring you few step outside the terminal, for the train is inside the airport. regarding the ticket for the 280 you can easily buy it onces you get Termini station at any dairy kiosk o using automatic machines. You also have some different kind of tickets if you arr gonna use a lot public trasnportation. You can chek it out here
Elisa Local August 9, 2016
Reply which we've used a couple of times. Completely reliable, English-speaking safe drivers, late model cars (Mercedes, etc.). Commentary is provided along the way. Email them for a quote.

Traveller July 23, 2019
I googled (very quick) and was able to get there with this link and
Traveller July 19, 2019
My suggestion is taking a taxy from Navona until Trastevere train station. From here there is a train for Fiumicino every 15 minutes. I raccomand this itinerary and not from Termini because the ticket is cheaper: 8 euros and not 16!
Local April 10, 2017
Hello, if you would like to take the train, my suggestion is going to Trastevere station. Perhaps taking a taxi from Navona until here would be better, even because there is no metro in this part of the city. I raccomand this station and not Termini because from here it's more expensive...Termini Fiuminicino 16 euros, despite from all the other stations where this ticket costs 8 euros.
Local April 10, 2017
6 euro
Autobus Ciampino - Metro A stazione Anagnina - 1, 20 euro, and Metro A stazione Anagnina - Termini 1, 50 euro

ciao Beatrice
by a friend witha car!
Local August 31, 2016
Hi vicki
I wasn't sure what to do either. I read reviews about some taxis charging much more and as we had a lot of luggage and one person with mobility problems we opted for a prebookef coach transfer. The link was sent to us by jet2. They were called and were a bit more expensive but we're good and we had limited choice. If you choose this option look out for the driver holding a board with your name on it. We weren't aware of this and they ended up looking for us. We found their kiosk easily and we didn't have to wait long. Picks up at hotel for return to airport. Hassle free. Hope this helps.
Local August 8, 2016
This does. I'm currently looking at a shuttle service with my hotel directly. But I like having all my options available. Thank you!!
hi Vicky, piazza Navona is not easy to reach by public transport. Depending on how many luggage you have. Easiest but also most expensive is to take a taxi, or even better a limo service, which is better than taxt but same price. They wait for you at the airport with your name, cars are very nice. I did this twice with a heavy suitcase.
this is one of them, there are a lot of them, al more or less for the same price.
The train is also comfy, and cheaper if you are on your own. But if you travel with more than one, I would take it easy and book a limo.
If you want to go cheap, have enough time and travel light , take a bus from the airport (there are several companies that operate there) to the main station Roma Termini or to the Vatican area and figure out which local bus comes near your hotel. The hotel would know, or you can look on the public transport site form Rome
Local busses in the city can be crowded and you have to buy a ticket in advance.
Does this help?
Local August 8, 2016
We are 2. Your reply was very helpful. What is expected with respect to tipping? Do locals tip taxi drivers or Limo drivers? And is it true that there is a fixed rate with the taxi to city center? If so do you know how much it is?
What about the Leonardo Di Vinci Express Train? Is that available yet?