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Grocery shopping

By Traveller August 21, 2017

Grocery shopping

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By Chris Traveller August 21, 2017

I am looking for a place to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, pasta, cheese etc. Are there any markets that stay open during the afternoon/evening?


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where do you live?
Fresh fruits and veggies can be found in any street markets
Or carrefour markets( check online )
Or eatable near ostie se terminal very good but a bit posh
Btw street markets close on the afternoon but on Rome we buy vegetables and fruits also on shops and most of them are run by Bangladesh people and are good
Ps August is a month of holidays for Rome so you may find many shops closed except Bangladesh people carrefour and eataly
Local August 21, 2017
You would find regular supermarkets (Coop, Simply, Tigre, Carrefour etc) spread out in the city and they have a good selection.

In Rome you would also find a lot of specialised shops for cheese, wine etc. All districts have a few so the best is to ask the locals or your hotel for advice.

Many districts also have open markets where you can find a variety of products.
Local August 21, 2017