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A nice ride-away for new impressions
Thank you Pier for a nice and relaxing tour over the next-to-Rome mountains!
Special thanks for flowers to my wife on occasion of her birthday! She was really enchanted!
Folks, do not hesitate to order the tour, otherwise your Roman holiday is not complete!
Kind regards from Russia, Sergei
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
A wonderful day in Castelli Romani
We had an amazing day trip with Pier - our local guide. Pier is a super nice guy, highly knowledge with a sea of information about the history of the region, the country and the local traditions. He loves his home - and his excitement is catchy.
We enjoyed the scenery, met beautiful people, tasted excellent wine and ate a delicious lunch in a local restaurant. It was nothing short of a perfect trip!
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Great experience with Pier!
You will absolutely love this little excursion away from the big city. It is a beautiful area and Pier was so friendly and warm. We went to several little villages and loved each one. Pier even suggested lunch at a lovely wine farmhouse which was amazing. It was great to have a local show us around and we had a great time! Thank you, Pier!!!
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Was a nice way to end our trip
Pier was super chill, fun and professional. He's also knowledgeable and passionate about Frascati/Castelli Romani. We liked him a lot. My husband and I also really liked the tour. It was a quick ride into the Termini Station from the city center of Rome, then 20 mins via a very quiet, clean train to Frascati. It's completely different than Rome. It's very serene and little to no tourists. Its also very, very beautiful. The tour starts off a little slow at a Church but I must say, the wine that can be purchased there that's made by the Monks, is the best wine ever. It's literally only 3.50 euros also. I wish we grabbed more!!! Be sure to get some and support the smaller towns that have a hard time competing with the big city, Rome. After Frascati, we drove to Castelli Romani which was my fave. Very beautiful!! My hubs and I are already planning to return and stay there. We stopped at several local places, which we loved. We tried so many foods we usually wouldn't and loved all of it. We went home with most of it, along with more vino! We ended at my favorite place of all which was lunch at an old farmhouse winery. It was a true, true Italian experience. It was beautiful and we learned how to be pro winers. We had a wonderful meat and cheese platter and several free wines to compliment the food. The pasta was to die for. Everyone was great to us and we loved their dog!!!! It was just what the doctor ordered after a busy busy stay in Crazy Rome! Thank you Pier!!!!!! We loved it and won't forget it!!
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
lovely break in beautiful setting
How wonderful to see a different side of Italy to the busy touristy places of Rome. Pier showed us some picturesque towns and the amazing lake. He was easy to talk to and we had a lovely trip. He communicated well over whattsapp with us to make the collection arrangements. lovely few hours away from the heat, madness and mayhem of Rome.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
A wonderful trip to Castelli Romani with Pier
Pier was a great guide and we had a wonderful trip visiting the many sights of the area. Pier was friendly and made the experience of visiting the local villages and the lovely scenery fun and very enjoyable. Would highly recommend this tour to experience a different side of Italy when visiting Rome.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Awesome Experience
Pier is an excellent tour guide and company. We joined the tour to Castelli Romani, we visited a few cities in the area, and enjoyed the beautiful volcano and lovely cities. The scenery is amazing.
What's more? Pier is knowledgeable and passionate, he knows Italy and the area so well that he brought us to local restaurants with "grandmother" favor, and we can enjoy the delicious local food (such as wines, mushrooms, home-made pasta and local strawberry desserts) that are not available in the cities. We enjoy the tour very much and would recommend it to everyone.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
We just had a fabulous 4 hour tour with Pier of the beautiful Castella Romani area. Pier is a wonderful guide who combines archeology and history and nature in a terrific tour of the villages and lakes and archeological sights in the area.... this day tour from Rome with Pier is a must and Pier is the most dynamic tour guide ever...his automobile contributes to the fantastic experience that Pier gives you... go for it! Wow wow wow!
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Stunning half-day trip to Castello Romani
Had such a wonderful trip with our guide Pier. He was friendly and knowledgeable, and took us around beautiful mountainous villages and the town Frascati. Would highly recommend this trip to all. It is perfect if you want to get out of Rome for a while.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
wonderful time in castelle romani with Pier
Pier met us at the train in Frascati and took us to several villages. He was in no big hurry. He was fun. We ended up going several hours past our official tour time because we stopped along the way to enjoy the villages, the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and people and fabulous food. Highly highly recommended!!
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Great tour, Great day
As a tour guide I always know what to expect from other guides ,but Pier was nice surprise .I travelled in Rome with my friend and I think that we started to explore Rome it's history, it's wine and it's delicious food when we met Pier- Local guide in Rome. He is very . Flexible , helpful ,passionate and enthusiastic, he loves his city and knows the history . Also knows all the local places where you can find not typical souvenirs and taste wine and pasta. Highly recommend
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
I recently returned from a trip to London, Paris and Rome. While in Rome, I was unable to book a tour of the Vatican because it was closed. As a result, I was scrambling last minute to fill my day. I saw Pier's tour and was intrigued by the idea of exploring the countryside but wasn't confident that the trip would be a good substitute. I tried to book the trip late at night and Pier responded immediately. He also agreed to meet me earlier in the morning to accommodate my schedule. I can honestly say that my tour with him was the best part of my entire trip. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a tour. He was extremely knowledgeable, great personality and showed me so many cool things...not to mention, gave me great recommendations for when I returned to Rome.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Amazing day with Pier Saccares!
His overpowering love for his city is just contagious. He is easy to talk to, talked about the history of the city and showed us the serene places like Nemi and Castel Gandolfo. Love the wine tastings especially In his hometown of Frascati where we feel that we are drinking with a friends. We had an experience of the lifetime that we will never forget. Thanks Pier.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
A relax getaway from the historic center of Rome
Frascati is just 30min from Rome by train, but you are transported to a serene, fresh and beautiful area. We were lucky to have Pier showing us the area in his charming Mercedes. The sights were wonderful: lake Nemi and its ships, the summer residence of the Pope, and the lazy Frascati cats. Pier brought us to a nice place to relax with some wine, cheese and bread with olive oil and black truffle. Pier is not just a guide, but like a friend showing you around when you visit.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
A great day with a great guide
Our guide Pierpaolo was informative, gracious, attentive, and a great companion. He showed us the sites and shared the history of Frascati, Castel Gandolfo and Nemo. He introduced us to the locals and the shopkeepers and the Italian way of life. We cannot give him enough compliments. A must when you’re in Rome
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Wonderful day trip
I had a great time touring Rome's countryside with Pier. Castelli Romani is actually an array of several very quaint and very beautiful villages that are really nearby Rome, and it's the perfect way to escape the crowded city centre and take in some fresh air and gorgeous views of mountains, lakes and villages. Pier was extremely helpful and friendly, and you can see that he is very interested in sharing his culture with people. I wholeheartedly recommend this trip!
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Immersive and relax
Since it was our last day in Italy, it was the nicest way to visit those beautiful villages. Pierpaolo is nice and speaks a really good french! He will bring you in some cute alleys, throught the history of this region. At some time, we had the feeling that we were really enjoying the italian life, at its best. My mom and I totally recommand this tour.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
A peaceful place.
We did this on our last day in Rome and it was the perfect way to finish off our time in Rome. Pier shows you around and explains the history of it. It did not feel like a tour guide it was more like a friend showing us around. He even took us right to our train stop and was patient and calm. I really loved this tour and I highly recommend anyone who wants to do it. You see so much and the process of getting to frascati is so easy and coming back is easy too because Pier explains everything well. I loved it and it was a great way to finish by time in Rome.
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani
Great tour, go for it!
We booked a last minute tour to Castelli Romani and Pier accommodated us in a friendly manner. The communication was smooth and he made us feel welcomed. He customed the tour according to our desire: more walking, time for photos. We spent more than 3hours but he did not mind at all.
We saw beautiful villages from this area, an unique church, Pope's summer house, amazing views over the lakes, we had a coffee and delicious strwaberries.
He was really nice showing us Frascati, his home town( best pizza place, the oldest city oven). He took time to have lunch with us even that was not part of the schedule.
After the tour communication and recommendation with other nice places were much appreciated.
Definitely recommended tour!
Pier, many thanks!
Day Trip to the Beautiful Castelli Romani

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