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Customer feedback about Food & Cooking Tours in Rome

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Great experience!
Francesca’s home is so warm and welcoming, the food was delicious and tasty, Francesca is a charming hostess.
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Dinner was wonderful!
We had dinner last night with Francesca! She was absolutely a pleasure and the food was unbelievable. It is a bit far from the city but such a unique experience that it was well worth it. Her place is so tiny and quaint and my husband, two teens also loved it. My daughter is a vegetarian and she carefully made sure each plate she served worked for her. Get out of the city and enjoy this experience. Thank you, Francesca!
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Max and his wife entertained us for hours with excellent food, wine and lots of great insights pertaining to Rome and it's culture. Six course meal was so wonderful , very tasty and beautifully presented. This was an unforgettable experience to take back home to the United States complete with pictures. Max picked us up from the hotel and delivered us safely so we would not get lost.
Italian Dinner in Rome: Try Max's Cuisine
Could have eaten in Rome
Nice food, plenty of decent wine, polite host.
For most is an 60 minutes tour with a bus from Rome center. We took a taxi costing 30 euro. Back it was 25 Euro.
Dinner with wine cost 37 Euro.
But I can't see the idea. Small apartment with no personal touch, shabby table and .... Just no personal touch and local touch to justified the time and expense. Host was nice and polite, however a bit tired.
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Great night!
Francesca was wonderful, food was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. Just a long taxi to her parents’ home because we had too many people for her to accommodate in her apartment. But her parents were lovely so worth the trip!
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Francesca is lovely!!
we ate at Francesca's place on September 27, 2018 with my wife and our cousin. It was a long day and we got a bit lost on our way there and as a result, got there one hour later than planned. However, Francesca and her boyfriend Simona were patient and waited for us to complete the cooking. Upon our arrival, the conversation was pleasant and flowing. Appetizers were good and they catered to my cousin who does not eat pork. The wine was more than adequate and both Francesca and her boyfriend engaged us throughout, including providing explicit directions back to central Rome. For those staying in and around central Rome/Vatican City, be aware that adequate time should be planned to get there if going by train and bus. I would recommend this to my friends and family, especially those into home cooked meals. It was lovely after being in Italy for two weeks to get actual home cooked food straight to your plate. I think the genuineness of the host and hostess was our favorite part in addition to the food.
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Not what I expected
Location is far away from Rome center and was difficult to find a place. We were 16 people ! Like at restaurant and couldn't feel home atmosphere.
Apart of this, menu was as at every corner - mozzarella with dried tomato, lasagna and tiramisu. The main dishes was very simple and small I really expected something from reach Italian cuisine, unfortunately no.
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Fantastic! Highly recommend!
Francesca was so hospitable and super enthusiastic about hosting a dinner. As we were a small group, we also had additional guests present. She made all of us feel welcomed! There was no uncomfortableness whatsoever which is usually present when you meet someone for the first time.
The food itself was so delicious, we had 4 courses, and I was literally full after an appetizer. So please come to Francesca very hungry, as portions are huge! The tmosphete was that of a big family gathering for a nice Sunday meal. I highly recommend everyone to book this dinner. Francesca was also very nice to hail us a taxi when our uber failed to show up after 40 minutes of waiting.
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Nice tour
We had a very good guide who was pleasant and knew a lot of the item
and around it. We can recommend this tour!
Off the Beaten Path Food & Wine Walking Tour in Rome
Do yourself a favor and book this experiance
My wife and I had a wonderful evening spending time with our amazing cook and hostess, Francesca. The food was incredible, the conversation flowed nicely and the genuine warmth we felt from Francesca made for an event we will always cherish and never forget.

PS. If she asks if you like surprises, say yes!
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Max was delightful
We had a great time with Max enjoying a home cooked meal and nice conversation. This was a very different experience that we took a chance on, and it paid off. If you are in Rome and want something unique to do - have dinner with Max!
Italian Dinner in Rome: Try Max's Cuisine
Awesome Evening!
Had a very delicious, Italian home cooked dinner with Max and his girlfriend. Max selected some great wines for our dinner. Great conversation and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. One of our best meals in Rome!! Definitely a “Must Do” !!!
Italian Dinner in Rome: Try Max's Cuisine
I spent wonderful evening at Francesca’s plase with my family. Francesca served delicious dinner in her small but nice apartment. Fully recommended.
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Fantastic Meal and Evening
Max and his girlfriend were extremely warm and accommodating to my friend and I. Max picked us up and dropped us off at the metro and was right on time. The food was very authentic and nothing short of spectacular. Warning though, there’s a lot of courses and the portions are hearty so pace yourself so you can enjoy everything! The chicken dish, pollo alla cacciatore, was the highlight of the meal. Also, Max’s choice of wine was a fantastic red and we made it through two bottles throughout dinner. These are great people with great stories and food! Can’t recommend dinner at Max’s highly enough. Grazie from Jacob and Claudia!
Italian Dinner in Rome: Try Max's Cuisine
Like spending an evening with good friends
Our dinner was spirited and cozy, food delicious and conversation chirpy as there happened to be two other guests who, as Francesca, had a good sense of humor and we found to have much in common.
A great way to see another, very local, side of Rome. Recommend highly!
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
A lovely dinner
We had a lovely experience with Francesca in her cozy apartment in Rome with a charming couple from Estonia.
Francesca hosted us generously, prepared a tasty multi-course meal, with lots of good wine, authentic Italian food and all accompanied by interesting explanations.
The conversation flowed and time passed pleasantly.
warmly recommended.

Thank you Francesca :)
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
A great experience
You must do this. The nice girl Francesca cooked for us with a great passion. The simple dishes were marvelous and very tasty. It was very cosy and we can recommend this to everyone.
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
Best food, and the best of our evenings in Rome!
Francesca i the perfect host. She lets you visit her in her home, invites two other really nice friends and serves fantastic food. And we got the best tips for restaurants and what to see.

The great thing about the evening was the possibility to learn more about living in Rome/Italy, at a personal level. We talked about differences between our countries, food, culture, politics, music and so much more.

Thank you Francesca:) The first thing we tell about, from our Rome trip, is the evening at your place:)
Eat with a Local at Francesca's Home in Rome!
LOVED this tour!
Off the Beaten Path Food & Wine Walking Tour in Rome
Perfect last evening in Rome!
My friend and I were visiting from London and wanted to try something new while in Rome. We decided to take the cooking class on the last night of our trip. We were greeted by Francesca's family with open arms and learnt how to make all difference flavour combinations of pizza from scratch, including how to make the perfect dough.

Francesca was a great teacher and we have come away with lots of hints and tips to create the best pizza in Roma :)

Me and my friend took the bus to Francesca's from the City centre and was an easy journey on public transport which was great.

Thank you Francesca and your lovely family for letting us into your home and for teaching us your secrets! We will be hosting many pizza parties at home in your honour, with Italian beer of course! :) x
Mamma che PIZZA! Cooking Class & Dinner with Francesca's Family in Rome

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