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Best pizzas in town


Why locals love it

Located in an artists house ("Künstlerhaus"), the interior of this restaurant is something else. You will find yourself eating the biggest and one of the best pizzas in town in the big venetian saloon or you hide away with your date in the darker corners of the restaurant. The wide open kitchen invites you to have a peak at how your pizza is made.



Why you should visit it

Yes there are pasta dishes on the menu as well but that's not why you are here. The pizza is so big, it doesn't even fit on the plate and eating here for the first time, people always look confused about where to start. But once discovered the perfect eating style for you, you will not finish until either the pizza is gone or your stomach explodes.

Special tip

You can have your pizza divided in two halfs with two different toppings. One of Munich's favourites is parma ham with rucola salad.

Lenbachpl. 8, 80333 München, Germany

Su: 12:00-23:00

Mon-Sa: 11:00-00:00

+49 89 99019810
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