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Interesting exhibitions

Centro Caixa Cultural

Why locals love it

There are always interesting exhibitions showing at Caixa. Up to three at the same time. Always free. This place can be called a museum of modern art. They organise some music shows also. I always check if there is something new going on.



Why you should visit it

To see the works of great artists. Recently there was a show Henri Matisse's prints, photos of Sebastiano Salgado, and sculptures of Reinaldo Eckenberger. So, the artistic level is good.

Special tip

Ask for a catalogue at the reception. Ask to low the level of air conditioning cause it's really cold inside.

Centro Caixa Cultural
Rua Carlos Gomes, 57, Salvador, BA, Brasil

Mon-Su: 09:00-18:00

We-Su: 09:00-18:00

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