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I want to have a typical meal. Where and what should I eat?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

I want to have a typical meal. Where and what should I eat?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

I’d really like to dig into the local cuisine on my trip. Any recommendations for authentic local places? Anything I absolutely must try?

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Hi. Maria. I concor with other responses.
There are three dishes you ought to taste.
1. Muqueca: Muqueca is a seafood(crabmeat, fish or shimp) stew with palm oil and some vegetables.
2. Acaraje. Acarajé is a local street food made of bean flour and fried in palm oil and stuffed with dried shrimp and okra-based filling.
3. Caruru. This is a dish for the African Orixas (similar to saints in Catholic church). It consists of many courses. Normally it is only served on saturdays, you must ask to find out when.
I would recommend Paraiso tropical for Muqueca. It is located in the neighborhood of Pernambues. You must go by taxi.
For acarajé. Others have already mentioned.
For caruru... I suggest you ask your hotel... they may have more upodated information.

have a good stay in Salvador. Take care. Lin
Local May 23, 2018
Hey, Maria! So for traditional comida baiana you have many options, it just depends on you budget. Our food is very unique. I will say 3 must tryes:

1. acarajé. this cake of beans with dried shrimp is delicious! Go to Tânia at Farol da Barra or Regina/Dinha at Rio Vermelho or Cira at Itapuã. Don’t each at any acarajé place as you might don’t get a tasty one. Bonus: for dessert as for a cocada if you enjoy coconut sweets.

2. Moqueca. Made of dendê oil, this stew is very popular between baiano. My favorite is made with shrimp. I would recommend to eat at Caranguejo de Sergipe at barra, as it is good and not so expensive. You might get a good deal if you go there for lunch.

3. Caranguejo e lambreta! Baianos love to eat crab and lambreta. It is very common to have a happy hour enjoying those dishes. Bonus: have it with a great caipirinha!

Hope those tips will help you! Let me know if I can help with something else!

Local May 23, 2018
Hello Maria, Salvador is a city very well known in Brazil by the seafood dishes, specially the "muquecas". The 2 best places to eat "muqueca" in Salvador are Paraiso Tropical, Bargaço or Donana (the three restaurants are very good and showcase the most typical food of the city).
Another good place to eat is Hotel Villa Bahia, it is localized in the heart of Pelourinho and the food is superb. The chef is very well known and there are special daily menus for lunch.
If you would like to go to dining and have a special night the best places are Amado or Mistura Contorno (the ambiance of both places are very beautiful and they offer very good seafood, but the price is a bit salty).
Ohter restaurants that are very popular are: A Casa Vidal (contemporany food), Larriquerri (small bistro) and La Pulperia (meat barbecue).
I hope you have a good stay in Salvador.
My best regards,
Local May 23, 2018