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Japanese with a view

Why locals love it

It is a very safe place to have lunch or dinner as it is placed inside the boat marina and has its own paid parking lot. The restaurant has a porch that surrounds the entire place where you can have your meal and appreciate the view. Some parts of the floor (in the porch) are made of glass so you can see where it is below (the sea).


Why you should visit it

The place is amazing to have a nice time with friends or family. It has a mix of local society + artists + local people + tourists. On weekends nights it get jazzy with nice music playing, lots of beautiful people. And the food is very good.

Special tip

The Jabuticaba´s (brazilian grape) Roska, the Hotroll and the Sereia Maki.

Av. Lafaiete Coutinho, 1010 (Pier D, Bahia Mna.), Salvador, BA, 40060-070, Brasil
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