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Famous mexican margharitas

Puerto Alegre

Why locals love it

Puerto Alegre is a favorite spot to eat Mexican in Valencia Street in San Francisco! The drinks menu offers a great variety of strong margharitas, with peach or strawberry flavors for example. Ordering pitchers of frozen margaritas, accompanied by endless amount of chips and salsa, is a must-do for small parties.



Why you should visit it

This bar and taqueria is a great place to go out with friends or just relax and chill out after work. When the weather is hot and if you're lucky enough you can grab a table on the terrace and enjoy watching the bystanders. The service is also excellent, fast and friendly.

Special tip

It gets pretty loud when the mariachi band comes in and plays in Puerto Alegre.

Puerto Alegre
546 Valencia street

Mon-Su: 11:00-22:00

Tu: 17:00-22:00

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