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What are the fun activities I can do in Santo domingo?

By Traveller September 16, 2017
Santo Domingo

What are the fun activities I can do in Santo domingo?

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By Tessa Traveller September 16, 2017

My name is Tessa.
I'am going to Dominican republic in november 2017. And I will be staying 3 days in Santo domingo and 3 days in punta cana. We're going to visit the 27 waterfalls in puerto plata. But we don't know what else we're going to do. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tessa!

So nice to hear you are coming to Santo Domingo.

The best place to do things by yourself is colonial district. There you can visit many museums related to the first city of the new world history, Santo Domingo.

I suggest the Columbus Palace museum, the Royal House Museum and the Columbus Lighthouse. A visit to Three Eyes Caves National Park is amazing opportunity to see the underground world with beautiful interior lakes and aboriginal history.

There other options of fun to do to near Santo Domingo, but you will have to hire local guides to take you there.

Santodomingourbanadventures.com has a few options to visit Santo Domingo with a local, and rinconesdemipais.com has many options for the ones that want to know the off the beaten path places full with real culture and nature of the Dominican Republic.

Hope it helps!

Further questions just let me know.


Local September 17, 2017
HI Jose,
Thank you for your response.
I have one more question.
What is your favorite food in Santo domingo?
Like your top 5 must have food that they have in Santo Domingo.
Tessa Traveller September 17, 2017
Hi Tessa,

You're welcome!

There are many delicious plates to eat in Dominican Republic, you know that Santo Domingo actually is the Caribbean Capital of Gastronomy?

My favorite plate (and most dominicans) is the Dominican Flag (Rice, stewed red beans, salad and meat).

Top 5 Must have Dominican Food in Santo Domingo

1.- Sancocho
2.- Chicharron with tostones (fried plantains)
3.- Mofongo
4.- Mangu with Onions and Fried Salami
5.- Pescado Frito de Boca Chica

Just google each one for recipes and pics ! (Yummy)

This reply got me hungry! I think you'll have to invite me to join your group when you come hahaha (just kidding)

Hope you have a great day!

Jose Local September 17, 2017
Hi Jose,

I just have one more question.
Do you know the restaurant Kogi grill in santo domingo?
I really want to go there.
My question is: is it a kogi truck or restaurant where you can sit and eat?
I'am trying to find more information about the whereabouts of kogi grill.
Maybe you could help me.

Thank you!.

In Santo Domingo: walk Colonial city. Enjoy Bonye music fest (every Sunday) and visit Los tres ojos.

Punta Cana: is a turistic town so many activities. Most famous excursion is Saona Island. But you can find zip line, four wheels, nightlife and more. If you need more information can writeme via whatsapp +18097902982
Local December 4, 2017