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Hello guys!

By Traveller April 14, 2019
São Paulo

Hello guys!

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By Laura Traveller April 14, 2019

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Llégare a SP el 5 de mayo y estaré una semana. Tengo una reserva en Moema. Mi marido debe trabajar en esa zona así que estaré por mi cuenta. Que tour me recomiendan hacer? Además del shopping que está en frente del hotel hay restaurantes buenos cerca? Es seguro para salir a cenar sola de noche?
Si quiero ir a un museo, shopping, etc. recomiendan Uber o transporte público?
Cualquier sugerencia será muy apreciada.
Muchas gracias!
Traveller April 14, 2019
There are many good restaurants in Moema region.... but it will depend on how much you want to spend. It should be safe to walk around the neighborhood, but just try to stay “alert”. Dnt go out with tons of cash, or flashy jewelry, just like in any other big city (Los Angeles, Mexico City, Bangkok, you know?). Moema is pretty safe though. If you think you can “handle” portuguese with your spanish, then public transportation should be ok. But nornally takes longer. Uber us fairly cheap, so if you want to get there faster, you can order one. Hope this help...
Carol Local April 14, 2019
Thank you very much!
Hola Laura, there are plenty of good restaurants in Moema; the hotel Concierge will be able to recommend some. I´d take Uber, since it is not so expensive. However, there is a new metro station at Avenida Ibirapuera - fairly close to the mall you mentioned - that you could use to get to MASP museum, for instance. Inside Parque Ibirapuera there is the Museu de Arte Moderna. At the other side of that avenue (Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/n° ) there is a restaurant & Bar with a very nice view of the area - restaurante VISTA (http://vistasaopaulo.com.br/).
Just be alert and you will be fine!
I will be in SP from May 5 to 10, 2019. I have a hotel reservation in Moema. Are there good restaurants in the area? Is it safe to go out alone to have dinner?
Which of your tours do you recommend me?
If I want to visit a museum, etc. would it be better to use public transportation or Uber? Andy suggestion will be apréciate!
Traveller April 15, 2019
Local April 15, 2019
We live in Moema which is an upper middle class area of the city, with lots of stores, restaurants and public transportation. As in any large city you have to be careful. A subway station is right in front of the large Ibirapuera Mall (one of the several big malls in São Paulo), which is next to your hotel. Don’t worry; you’!! be in one of the best neighborhoods of the city. Enjoy it !!!
Thank you very much Sergio! 👍🏻