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Where can i find cheap flights from Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro?

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By Majd Traveller April 11, 2018

I can’t seem to find reasonable priced flights from Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro in July the 29th....
I want to get to Buzios that date but in my understanding there isn’t an airport in Buzios... if you could suggest any ideas that could help me get to Buzios from Buenos Aires in minimum time?

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From BsAs to Rio, try Google Flights

And no, there isn't any airport in Buzios. You need to use Rio de Janeiro as a hub.
Marcos Local April 11, 2018
Try Google Flights https://www.google.com/flights
Marcos Local April 11, 2018
Hello, Majd!
In this site you can get some tips on how to get to Buzios (it's in portuguese but you can use the translator:
I also use www.rome2rio.com a lot.
And my favourite site to research plane tickets is flights.google.com. You can set up an alert and receive an e-mail when the prices decrease.
Have a nice trip and enjoy!
Luciana Local April 11, 2018
Try google flights to view best fares/date.
If you want fly, see flights: Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo (GRU) and do a connection Sao Paulo (GRU) to Cabo Frio (CFB), them Cabo Frio to Buzios by car.
Oswaldo Local April 11, 2018
There are no airport in Buzios. You'll have go by car, bus or transfer from both airports. It's a two-hour drive. There are buses that leave straight from the airport (Galeao - GIG airport) to Buzios (http://www.autoviacao1001.com.br). You can also hire a transfer, which can be by private car or small bus. Here are a few companies that do that: https://www.inbuzios.com / http://linebuzios.com.br/transfer-regular / http://www.autoviacao1001.com.br/ . I am from Sao Paulo, perhaps members from Rio would be more accurate. Hope I helped!
Ana Paula Local April 11, 2018
Hello Majd ,

Buzios to BUA , only to get in Cabo Frio or Rio de Janeiro , certally Rio , Cabo Frio i know there is to Sao Paulo and them BUA , i dont know if there is directly from Rio.

Ckeck at these companies below :



Maria Teresa Local April 11, 2018
Hi Majd. Yes, there’s no airport in Buzios and July is a high season, mainly for Argentinians. I suggest you take a look on Google Flights or Skyscanner. Both offers a tool to compare flight prices easily, giving you an excellent view about best flight options. If all the prices are higher than you can pay I suggest you take a flight with one or two stops (it will depend on the options of Google or Skyscanner show you) because often it can be more cheap instead of take a flight direct to Rio.

Once you arrive in Rio you should take a bus there to Buzios. This is the best way when you are traveling alone, but if you have some people with you a car rental sevice with a particular driver just to pick up you in Rio and leave in Buzios could be more cheap to each one.

Paulo Local April 11, 2018
Try the major airlines Aerolineas Argentinas, GOL, LATAM Unfortunately there are NO low cost airlines between the 2 countries. Also Emirates flies Buenos Aires Rio, because actually this is part of their flight Buenos Aires -Dubai, with one stop in Rio or São Paulo.
Luciano Local April 11, 2018