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Theater, Dance, Music, and more

SESC São Paulo State

Why locals love it

SESC’s prime target are the commerce, services and tourism workers, still, a great number of shows and other activities is open to the general public. The prices for the tickets are affordable and the contemporary nature and high quality of the offer attract a wide range of fans.



Why you should visit it

Visit their general choose one of their units in the city, which always offers a wide range of what is being produced in Brazil and abroad in terms of cultural activity. In any of the units it is possible to buy tickets for the shows on at SESC. Also,there are several possibilities for free.

Special tip

Don’t miss SESC Pompeia, featured in LAL separately. The architecture of the building is an attraction in itself.

SESC São Paulo State
Av. Álvaro Ramos, 991

Tu-Sa: 07:00-22:00

Su: 07:30-18:30

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