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What’s the best neighbourhood to stay in for a more local experience?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

What’s the best neighbourhood to stay in for a more local experience?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

Rather than staying in the centre, I’d prefer to stay in an area where locals actually live. Somewhere with local places to eat, markets, etc. Which part of town would you recommend?

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I'd recommend Leninsky district. It is not overcrowded, quiet and has less problems with traffic. Prices are often abit lower, than in the downtown. Here's the video of the area around the Victory Square:
Local July 3, 2018
Districts on the map:




Three districts that are quite okay, you'd probably want to stay somewhere there.


Leninskiy is quite nice at the beginning plus it's on the forested hill and there's a giant forest area which is pretty wild and fun to explore. Overall it's and okay district but public transportation is not that good so try to avoid going deeper into Leninskiy. Stick to the tram №3 route if you choose this district. https://wikiroutes.info/en/saratov?routes=5614
I live there and I quite like it.

Zavodskoy rayon is considered to be the least attractive and it's quite depressing, full of busy streets and ugly buildings but it's still okay in the beginning.

Oh and there's also Engels which is technically another town but is still closer than some other districts and is also quite okay to stay in. The only drawback is traffic jams on the bridge.
Local May 23, 2018
There's a street called Prospekt Kirova which becomes Volzhskaya street as you move closer to
Volzhskiy rayon (the area near Volga) - these are the most popular, expensive and tourist oriented, so maybe you wouldn't want to stay on that particluar street and near the Volga Embankment. Other than that, centre is not as polished as you could expect, people do live there and if you go explore some areas other than 2 - 3 main streets, you'll see Saratov life as it is. So my advice is choose something close to centre, but not Prospekt Kirova or Embankment. Note that not all Volga length is Embankment.

My favourite is Frunzenskiy district, lots lot of small streets with little traffic, old architecture, lots to explore. I used to live there. Best choice if you like to walk around.
Local May 23, 2018