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Small brewery with big flavors

Ravenna Brewing Company

Why locals love it

Even though Ravenna has only been open a short time there is always a good crowd and a fun time. There is an outdoor patio and sometimes a food truck nearby. The beers are all fantastic and unique which is hard to come by in one of the biggest micro brewery areas on the West Coast. Be sure to try the Jalapeno Kolsh when you stop by!


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Why you should visit it

A smaller family run micro-brewery that has unique and fun beers - I recommend trying all of them!

Special tip

Their Jalapeno Kolsh is one of the best.

Ravenna Brewing Company
5408 26th Ave NE (NE 55th St), Seattle, WA 98105, United States

Th-Fr: 04:00-10:00

Sa: 01:00-10:00

Su: 01:00-09:00

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