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Street of the snake:: a shopping street!

Calle Sierpes

Why locals love it

Next to Calle Tetuan, you have Calle Sierpes and it's also located in the heart of Seville. We love shopping here because it's a quite wide range of different shops. We will always find the thing we are looking for



Why you should visit it

If you love shopping, you can't miss this street. You have everything here and a wide range of different shops. It's an old and cosy street, also with bars and restaurants. You'll also find jewellers, national and international stores, aesthetic and beauty shops.

Special tip

If you like sweets and pastries, go to the beginning of this street and visit Confitería La Campana

Calle Sierpes
C. Sierpes, 41004 Sevilla Andalucía, España

Mon-Sa: 10:00-21:00

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