Cover image of this place Eurostars Torre Sevilla

Shopping area near the lipstick!

Eurostars Torre Sevilla

Why locals love it

We locals only love this to do some shopping or go the restaurants here. There are 3 levels of shops and 1 to drink and eat only. It's always a great idea to come here in the weekend with friends, family or with the kids!



Why you should visit it

If you are looking for the Primark, this might be the reason why you will go here. Also other restaurants that aren't found in the city centre might be a good reason to come. It's closley located to the Lipstick if you're interested to

Special tip

If you're walking, the best way to reach it here is taking the bridge: puente del cristo de la expiración

Eurostars Torre Sevilla
Calle Gonzalo Jimenez Quesada, 41092 Sevilla Andalucía, España

Mon-Su: 10:00-22:00

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