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info sibiu

By Traveller March 28, 2019

info sibiu

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By An Inactive User Traveller March 28, 2019

questions for you sibiu people

first question : gluten free restaurant or cafe in the city centre?

- second question: any raccomendations on museums or things i really must do?

or evnts.. nightlife...or so on?

- any flea market or special events for easter time that i should know about?

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Hello sorry for late answer.

Gluren free, it should be, is not something specific or advertised but, try einstein in the small square

Museums i m not a big fan but the natural history museum is quite nice and the village life natural park museum is a must (you need to take a bus).

Personally a must would be the churches and the landsdapes from the villages outside of the city

I am jot a nightlife person but you have plenty pubs and places tp drink i personally go to bowling and there is oldies where there are regullar concerts

Durring easrer time there is a big market in the big square.

Let me know if it was usefull
Local March 31, 2019
Hello traveler :)
Here u can eat :
Rawdia Sibiu
Calea Cisnădiei 8, Sibiu 550376
0369 435 696

Here u can party:
Oldies Pub
Strada Nicolae Bălcescu 13, Sibiu 550159
0722 632 223

Have fuuu!
Traveller March 28, 2019