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Enjoy the best Saxon dishes in Sibiu

Restaurant Hermania

Why locals love it

Set up in the old building of the philharmonic of Sibiu, Hermania Restaurant features indoor sitting in a great redesigned interior as well as outdoor sitting in a back courtyard. They serve traditional Saxon dishes but you can also order Romanian dishes. They also have a small market with unique traditional food items from Albota trout farm.



Why you should visit it

Lunch or dine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. All of their dishes are based on local products and you can feel that in the special taste and flavor of the food. They are the only restaurant in Sibiu who does that, so take advantage and go to try something from their menu.

Special tip

They also serve a daily menu during the weekdays.

Restaurant Hermania
Str. Filarmonicii nr. 2 (Str. General Gheorghe Magheru), 550165 Sibiu, România

Mon-Su: 11:00-00:00

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