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Nightlife/events happening in October/November

By Traveller August 2, 2019

Nightlife/events happening in October/November

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By Samuel Traveller August 2, 2019

Hi everyone :)

I'm working for a relatively big magazine and they're looking for events/nightlife happening in October/November in Skopje. I'll be in the city with my girlfriend later in August to photograph a few images that can complement their article. Have you heard of things happening in October/November that are worth recommending to people thinking about coming to Skopje? Could be a festival, a big techno party, a crazy exhibition, concerts etc...

Thank you in advance!

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Unfortunately, the big events were in July/August.
All that I could search for are these events on Facebook:
- Concert: Bryan Adams (
- Concert: Föllakzoid (
- Event: IDO Grand Prix Skopje - Dance OFF 2019 (
I hope I helped and i wish you a great stay in Skopje.
Local August 15, 2019