Short Trip to Sofia and surroundings

By Traveller February 13, 2019

Short Trip to Sofia and surroundings

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By Tribikram Traveller February 13, 2019

Hello all, I along with my 2 friends are supposed to travel Bulgaria in March 1st week. I was wondering if there is any local available who could show us around city of Sofia and also surroundings, its popular places, hidden gems and night life. We are also interested for skiing and snow activities (beginners level) in Bansko. Thank you

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Local February 15, 2019
Hello, Tribikram. My name is Nikolay Nikolov and I am a local of Sofia.
I am 64, retired so plenty of time. I have an SUV - Subaru Outback - that I can use to show people around. I am a person of reduced mobility so I do not offer walking tours and prefer not to enter museums as most of those include some walking.
My tariff is €30 per hour which includes all car-related expenses. In a 4 hour tour of Sofia I can show to you all landmarks of the cirty including the History museum and the Boyana church ( a UNESCO listing) . In the 4 hours we can include drive up Vitosha mountain to a place named Kopitoto which is a fantastic look-out point.
Skiing a snow activity - why do you need Bansko? That town is 140 km away and 2 hours dive one direction! At Vitosha mountain 15 minutes from downtown Sofia at a place named Aleko there are at least a dozen ski-schools. I know that those ski-school offer mini-van pick-ups from the city - please check the web.

I can offer to you a 4 hour excursion to Rila Monastery - a UNESCO heritage site.
It is about one hour drive to the South, in a beautiful spot in the Rila mountain. It is an active monastery but there is a beautiful medival church and a museum open to the public. There are several restaurants offering fantastic fresh montain trout from the river.

I cannot be your guide to Sofia night life.
If you, guys, are interested in what I am offering please advise. Take care!
Nick Nikolov
Local February 14, 2019
Dear Tribikram! I am ready to show you the city of Sofia and the nearby landmarks. You shared in your earlier email that you will be in Bulgaria between 8 and 11 March. If your friends and you wish we may have a trip in Sofia in the morning of 9th and then continue with a visit to National Historical Museum and then travelling to Bansko - it take about 2.30 hours, if there is not any snowfall. I will have to make a special one-day tour for all of you.
Local February 13, 2019
Dear Mr. Mihail,
thank you for your reply. It should be between 8th to 11th March but dates may get change. I will confirm that. Can you tell me one thing, if we postpone the trip by a week, will we still get enough snow for skiing and snowboarding? As per whether prediction it should be sufficient snow. Can you message your email id please?
There are free tours available almost every day. They are excellent and give a good overview of the city from a number of different perspectives (food, history, culture...) Just Google free tours in Sofia and you'll see there are some excellent options. Those tours might be a good starting spot and the locals running them might be able to point you in the right direction for other pursuits.

Bansko has everything you need and you can get there by bus. Bit of a gong show with Brits sometimes. But fairly modern infrastructure, good beginner slopes (though sometimes crowded) and plenty of apres ski opportunuities.
Local February 13, 2019
Thank you so much for all the information. If we are coming by mid of March. still it will be enough snow for skiing and snowboarding?