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Authentic bulgarian restaurants

By Traveller May 21, 2019

Authentic bulgarian restaurants

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By Anna Traveller May 21, 2019

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Local May 27, 2019
Also Raketa Rakia Bar is great!
If you don't mind getting out of the city center you can try "V Dvora" (meaning "In the courtyard"), located in Geo Milev ( - it has a garden as well and is not a touristic location.
Another place with probably the best traditional and authentic dishes is "Djorevata Kashta" ( It is convenient if you have own transport or plan to go to Vitosha as part of your trip as it is located in the neighborhood of Simeonovo, which is not the most convenient place in terms of public transport. It is definitely worth visiting though.
"Liubimoto" (meaning "The favorite one" - is a family-run place that comes to my mind, even though they don't offer only traditional dishes and it wouldn't really fit the definition of a traditional "Mehana" .
"Moma" is definitely not a bad one, though you should have in mind that it would offer a rather modernized version of traditional dishes and atmosphere.
I wouldn't really recommend "Chevermeto" as I have been there once and don't intend to return.
Local May 25, 2019
Try at Boyansko hanche in Boyana. 😍
Local May 22, 2019
Manastirska Magernitsa (
Hadjidraganovite izbi (
Moma (
Traveller May 21, 2019
Chevermeto is also pretty nice, it's also very central. Here's a link -
Local May 21, 2019