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How many days in Sofia and Plovdiv?

By Traveller March 15, 2018

How many days in Sofia and Plovdiv?

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By Serene Traveller March 15, 2018


I am interested in visiting Bulgaria after a trip to Athens, and was looking at Sofia and Plovdiv but am unsure how many days I should spend there. Would 2 days in each city be enough? What do you guys think? Any advice or recommendations would be very helpful! Thank you! Also, how shall the weather be like in the 1st week of April? Cold? Sunny?

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Hi guys,
I am planning to visit Sofia but I don't know how many days I need to fully explore the city & enjoy its atmosphere;).
I have been thinking 4 days , 3 days to sightseeing & museums ....and one day for hiking to the famous Vitosha mountain.
Do you think is enough ? or Do I need one more day?
Any suggestions for a good spa after my hiking day lol...heard that Bulgarian Spa are well known.
Thanks for your help.
Traveller May 27, 2019
Hello all!

I'm coming to Sofia too during april for my job.
Do you think one day for visiting Belogradchik, boyona church and rila onastery is enough?
and 5 hours for plovdiv?

As i'm coming for my job, the only time i will have will be on saturday and sunday morning (my flight is at 17:30)

Infinite thanks for you answers!
Traveller April 3, 2018
Hi Serene, for Plovdiv even 1 full day will be OK. For Sofia you will need 2 full days.
In Sofia you should not miss Sofia Hispory museum
You should try - Tarator (this is typical Bulgarian cold soup) Banica ( typical Bulgarian breakfast)
the weather is not very stable at the moment, we are very near to the mountain, so warm clothes are necessary.
Local March 21, 2018
Hi Serene,

Two days are enough for those cities, and you can include a half-day trip to Rila Monastery from Sofia and half-day trip to Bachkovo from Plovdiv. The first week of April is the Holy Week so if you're interested in Orthodox church liturgies you can attend some there.
About the weather - mostly cloudy and rainy, abt 10-12 C in Sofia and 14-15 C in Plovdiv
Local March 15, 2018
Hi, it depends on what you want to see - for the main attractions, maybe you can pack those up in two days per city, but it's going to be hardcore touristing. What type of sightseeing are you after - museums etc, or just a look around and catch the atmosphere? About the weather - possibly rainy, but it changes a lot in the spring so I'd say layers :) usually gives the most exact prediction as far as I know (just type the city, you don't need to understand Bulgarian for the weather stats :))
Local March 15, 2018
Hi Serene,

Both Sofia and Plovdiv are not really huge cities and most of the intriguing sites are in the hearts of the cities so 2 days in Sofia and 2 days in Plovdiv sound like a good idea :)
Local March 15, 2018
Perfect! How would the weather be like in the 1st week of April? I read online that rain is to be expected quite a fair bit so was thinking that April may not be the best time to visit!