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List of Vegetarian Places to Eat

5 places
Not so long ago there were almost no places for vegetarian people. Now the situation's changed and you can find such cafes or special menu almost in every part of the city. Even if you are a meat lover don't think that you will …

Best Places for Non-Russian Speakers

7 places
Sometimes being a foreigner is uncomfortable because you can't understand speech or what's written somewhere, especially if you want to go to the cinema/theatre. So here are places you can visit and feel free with the fact yo…
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Guide to St Petersburg Nightlife

4 places
It's not common to spend all the night sitting in one bar. So as ussual youth is wandering from one bar to another. The main point of it is to have all kinds of adventures: from wild dances to chilling in some peaceful bar. So y…
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Anti-mass-market shopping places

3 places
In Saint Petersburg you can find really inexpensive clothes made by local designers. Of course you can always go to big malls and buy another pair of boring jeans. But you can do it in your hometown. So here take a chance and imm…
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Bike trip

4 places
An ultimate bike route. Rent a bike at Skatprokat, buy some foods in Freshpoint to take away for a picnic later in park and follow the route riding along Nevskiy Prospekt and Saviour On Blood Church to the direction of Petrograds…
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