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Wishing everyone nice and healthy day! I will be moving to St Pete quite soon, I wonder if there any pubs or bars that … Read more

Fatih Can October 16, 2021 answer

Hi We will be visiting St Petersburg this feb. We plan to stay near Nevsky avenue. We are planning to go for skiing… Read more

Manish February 2, 2020 answer

Hi,I have bought e-tickets for the hermitage museum and I think to go there on December31th.Are two days tickets so I t… Read more

ross December 2, 2019 answer

Hi,someone know if Krassin Ice breaker museum accepts reservations for visiting.I wrote them and they send me tours ho… Read more

ross November 25, 2019 answer

Does the market open on january the 3rd?Someone tell me is possible because it's russian christmas time. Thank you

ross November 23, 2019 answer

Hello again, We were checking online to buy tickets through the online site and our question is : 1 … Read more

Nikolaos November 23, 2019 answer

Hi everyone, Me and my partner are visiting St Petersburg between 24th to 30th(we are so excited) . The temperature s… Read more

Nikolaos November 22, 2019 answer

Hello! I will be in St.Petersburg next month, do you know if there are any hostels or tour companies that offer tours i… Read more

Regína November 17, 2019 answer

Hello, I work for a translation company and this year is our 20th anniversary. We are going to Saint Petersburg to cele… Read more

Silvia September 25, 2019 answer

We have a touristic travel plan to go to Saint Petersburg and Moscow from October 25th to 31st. Would you please tell m… Read more

Omid September 25, 2019 answer

Hi! We are looking for a nice place to stay in your lovely town. We like to eat and drink and are looking to stay in a… Read more

Geir September 14, 2019 answer

Dear locals. I'm staying in your enchanting city for all of August for a Russian language summer school. I have a few … Read more

Maria July 30, 2019 answer

Can anyone recommend a Russian Orthodox church that would have a service with choir this coming Sunday morning?

Ülane June 28, 2019 answer

Hi, I'm looking for a little more local culture by way of vintage shopping and street food. I also have two small child… Read more

Andrea March 29, 2019 answer

Somewhere cool to go, something awesome to see - that I won't read about in a guide book?

Heather January 17, 2019 answer

Hey there, we are a group of young Italians headed for St. Petersburg, unfortunately just for 4 nights (we land the … Read more

Davide December 28, 2018 answer

Hi, we are looking for a nice but not too pricey Russian Food restaurant (with Knish and Strogonoff) please in St Peter… Read more

Ianette December 27, 2018 answer

I have the map all full with places to visit and see. I just can't find where will Christmas markets be. And also when … Read more

Lilach December 23, 2018 answer

Hi, where can I get eyelash extension fills done in St Petersburg please? Thank you kindly.

Ianette December 13, 2018 answer

Hi, we are looking at restaurant suggestions to book for (our) Christmas lunch / dinner on 25 December please? We are a… Read more

Ianette December 4, 2018 answer

Hi, I am in the city until November 25. I am looking for small indie and punk venues to visit during my stay. Would be … Read more

David November 18, 2018 answer

Hi there, we would like to know, as we're visiting St Petersburg in December - is it possible to view the Northern Ligh… Read more

Ianette November 6, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I will be there during these date with a friend. If there is some special event or someone wanna hang out for … Read more

Marco October 25, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I will be there during these date with a friend. If there is some special event or someone wanna hang out for … Read more

Marco October 25, 2018 answer

After our full day tour of the city, we are booking a driver for a 3 hr night tour from 7pm to 10pm. We are looking for… Read more

Sandy September 2, 2018 answer

Hi guys, I'm coming in November. I'm asking how is usually the weather there, about degress, especially, since I really… Read more

Marco August 25, 2018 answer

Dear locals, Could you please give some suggestions for a day tour and a night tour on the river ? ( in September 20… Read more

Shankar August 1, 2018 answer

Hello my friends, Could you please tell me that what are the favorite places about night clubs? Do you have any sugg… Read more

Emre July 31, 2018 answer

Hi, what transport can be used in St Petersburg to get around daily in December, as well as from Airport to hotel, etc.… Read more

Ianette July 27, 2018 answer

Hi, we will be visiting St Petersburg in December (23 - 30 December) and would like to know where one can book to watch… Read more

Ianette July 27, 2018 answer

Hi, my travel companion's godmother has a collection of earrings from around the world and has asked him to find a pair… Read more

Nicole June 25, 2018 answer

does the St. petersburg card include hermitage museum ,coz i didnt see its included in it at website.

amr June 12, 2018 answer

Hey guys - after a long flight to Russia, it would be awesome to experience proper and traditional banya. Can you guys … Read more

Sami May 31, 2018 answer

My husband and I, along with another couple, will be visiting St. Petersburg for the World Cup and are trying to find t… Read more

Alexa May 31, 2018 answer

Hello! Super excited to visit St Petersburg, unfortunately, just for 3 nights. While I will be saving a bit of time … Read more

Sami May 25, 2018 answer

Are there any public buildings ( like a church ) that a tourist can go up to get nice panaromic view photos of city ? T… Read more

Shankar May 18, 2018 answer

Dear locals, I would like to walk along the river and canals ( Moyka, Griboydev, Fontanka embankments ) late n… Read more

Shankar May 11, 2018 answer

Does the market open during Monday to Friday?? As I saw that some people say it only open on weekends on the Internet.… Read more

Daniel May 9, 2018 answer

Incorrectly or Correctly ..... I have heard that instances of baggage going missing from the fast SAMPAN train from St… Read more

jimmy April 19, 2018 answer

Hello...I have booked and paid for all of my flights hotels 8 match tickets tours for the World you think it … Read more

jimmy March 15, 2018 answer

I was a BIG fan of the subway/transportation museum in NYC and saw that there is a retro tram ride on Saturdays at the … Read more

Kara March 2, 2018 answer

We'll be spending some time at the Peter and Paul Fortress in the coming days. Are there any recommendations for restau… Read more

Kara March 1, 2018 answer

i plan to visit st petersburg for 5 nights with family in june. This is my first visit . Interests are street life, cul… Read more

Kamal February 28, 2018 answer

Please advise...what is MUZHVKA? it a drink?

jimmy February 27, 2018 answer

please advise it safe to walk looking at google maps following directions while walking in the streets of St Peter… Read more

jimmy February 27, 2018 answer

How is the area around hotel Gamma? Is it soviet era or imperial era? Is it a rough neighbourhood?

Calle February 21, 2018 answer

I am planning to visit Saint petersburg between 1/2 to 15/2 2018 I am asking for courses in Machine intiligence and Ma… Read more

Abdulaziz January 16, 2018 answer

Hi all, I am coming to your World Cup in June. I want to watch games with locals, ?Pitertsy. Any recommendations apprec… Read more

Paul December 23, 2017 answer

Hi locals, where is the best place to Ski and how much does it cost? Will be at St Petersburg till 21st dec.

Jon December 8, 2017 answer

Hi, May I ask what are the must go shopping areas in St Petersburg?

Jon December 5, 2017 answer

Hi, is there any dance clubs in St.Petersburg which play cool hiphop/RnB?

Hammer November 30, 2017 answer

Hello locals, next year in September, I would like to organize a trip for 15 pax to your beautiful city. Can you give m… Read more

Kris November 29, 2017 answer

Hi! Will be in St Petersburg to celebrate the NYE. Can enyone tell me where will be the fireworks and shows on decembe… Read more

Adriana October 21, 2017 answer

Hello, I'm coming for few days in St. Petersburg and I'm dating a Russian girl. Dating is totally different France vs. … Read more

Sam October 9, 2017 answer

Where are the famous popular places at Saint Petersburg

Mohamed September 29, 2017 answer

I want to buy suvoneers and clothes such as shoes , jackets and ...... for kids and also for man and woman Please tell… Read more

Mohamed September 28, 2017 answer

Hi there, I will be visiting Saint Petersburg from the 22nd to the 27th of September, and I would like to do a daytrip … Read more

Suzanne September 20, 2017 answer

Hi guys, what is the best area where to find an accomodation? Spasibo!

Marco September 3, 2017 answer

Best place to buy one of those famous Russian hats and Russian Dolls, basically :)

Cristobal August 31, 2017 answer

Hey, I am looking to spend 5-8 days in St Petersburg and was looking to explore areas around the city. Can Novogrod and… Read more

Shikhar August 25, 2017 answer

Awhile back I visited St. Petersburg and went to a souvenir shop where I got a ring. I have since lost the ring and hav… Read more

Isabelle July 27, 2017 answer

Hi! I have a gluten allergy and will be spending three days in St. Petersburg this month. Do you have any recommedation… Read more

Jessie July 24, 2017 answer

Hi! I'm visiting St Petersburg in the second half of August and do have a few questions. First, which museums do you … Read more

Marilyn July 23, 2017 answer

hi , would like to know how can i get to moscow on a over night train sleeper . How much will it cost , and also why is… Read more

Joey June 9, 2017 answer

Cool place with a cool atmosphere !! Healing muzhvka, excellent staff, original design! All cool and fun !!!

Anna June 2, 2017 answer

I'm delighted with this club! It's incendiary atmosphere here that I want to stay here for all night! Dance and have fu… Read more

Elina June 2, 2017 answer

Looking for the best way to book tickets to a ballet/opera show as well as any local cooking classes where you learn ho… Read more

Bianca June 2, 2017 answer

We do not prefer Nikolaevsky Palace as it is too commercialized and touristy prices Instead can anyone recommend a res… Read more

sandie May 1, 2017 answer

Hi Locals, I'm spending 48 hrs in St. Petersburg. What should I don't miss? We are a group of 5 ( between 21-33 yrs)… Read more

Paula April 8, 2017 answer

Dear Community, my friend and me will visit Sankt Petersburg from the 17th of April until the 23rd. Could you please … Read more

Franka March 19, 2017 answer

Hi everyone! Seeking for good places to relax. Last visit was at XXXX bar, Zavistbar, Lomonosovbar, Dead Poets, and som… Read more

Pham February 24, 2017 answer

Hello locals! I come to St. Petersburg in late March for 4 nights. I would appreciate you very much for a recommendat… Read more

Sagi February 11, 2017 answer

I will be travelling through st. peterburg and planning to stay here for 5 nights. Please suggest all the must-do thing… Read more

rishabh October 12, 2016 answer

Hello, what would be your recommendation for a nice place to taste/discover vodka and caviar at a decent price ? Thanks… Read more

Mikael September 26, 2016 answer

Hi, where can I buy some streetart on Canvas or screenprint of Russian artist in

lo August 5, 2016 answer

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