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Activities in the city

By Traveller November 17, 2019
St Petersburg

Activities in the city

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By Regína Traveller November 17, 2019

Hello! I will be in St.Petersburg next month, do you know if there are any hostels or tour companies that offer tours in English to the Baltika Brewery? I'm also interested in an hour or so in a shooting range, I've looked at some websites but they are all in Russian. Do you have anything in mind? AND what about a banya?

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Hi Regina,
Baltika offers public tours on Thursdays at 2 p.m. You should fill in a form here.
Let me know if you need any assistance. I suppose you're older than 18 :)Otherwise they won't take you to the tour. The price is 500rub which is roughly equal 7 euro.
I would not recommend you any banya experience unless you're going to visit Moscow. They still do keep a couple of good places where you can enjoy banya without worrying about safety and poor hygiene.
There're some publicly accessible gun ranges. You don't need to book that activity in advance. They even offer coupon discounts every now and then.I'll give you a couple of addresses.
'Anything in mind' depends on how long you're gonna stay here and what kind of person you are. I mean there are wind tubes, fancy restaurants, roof tours, wonderful suburb palaces. Sometime money matters but not always. I believe I came across a 'freebies' site which covered quite a chunk of the globe bit I don't remember the name.
Local November 23, 2019
Hi Olga and thank you for the information! Regarding Baltica Brewery, I've only read about tours in Russian, not English - it has to be a big group otherwise we have to come with a translator :( . Good to know about the banyas, we want to have it clean and safe..better so save it for next time in Moscow.
Hi Regina, interesting plan !!
About Baltika Brewery I think it is possible but it is a matter of price of cause, depends how many people in a group and so on.
I wanted to mention that my friend organises banya visiting with all the explanation of the proces and techniques with a whisk . They go to a public banya together with local people.
Traveller November 22, 2019
Some links for you to explore what the city has to offer for free in English

and if you don't care about particular brand offers free brewery tours daily for free (1,5 hrs) Advanced registration required. Let me know if you need any assistance with that.
Local November 23, 2019
I forgot a link to the map
Local November 23, 2019
The 3rd and 4th columns indicate number of shots and price in rubles respectively.
same here, col. 2 and 3 respectively
the first table gives you a price per shot depending on he gun

It seems like it's better to book time in advance at both places.

You can check the map of ranges and let me know which location you'd prefer. I'll give you more info then. What you need to know is some places are professional more or less while the others are just for everyone's fun. That's the difference.
Local November 23, 2019
Do you think they have English speaking staff at the shooting ranges?
To answer both your questions. They might have someone to instruct you in English although I doubt they do. The same is true about brewery. They usually have some sort of leaflets or brochures in English. That's it.
If you don't mind, I could help you with translation. That'd be great to have an opportunity to speak English. I'm going to explore your country next year so that's my hidden agenda ).
Oh wow really, would you do that ? :) We would be pleased to have your company :)
Depends on your dates. I'm going on vacations on December 24. If you come earlier, I guess, I could arrange some time for you. In that case we could exchange private messages. FYI Baltika tours in December are on 5th and 12th only.