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Will Hammarbybacken be opened on the 31st jan-2nd feb? Where do i check to see if Hammarbybacken is opened for skiing... Read more

Kye January 22, 2018 answer

i m planning to visit stockholm in march this year . want to know which places will be opened in march and what optio... Read more

Vikas January 14, 2018 answer

Hello! I'm interested about some upcoming design markets, that's worth it to participate as designer/seller. Ma... Read more

Louise January 10, 2018 answer

Hello! I'm interested about some upcoming design markets, that's worth it to participate as designer/seller. Ma... Read more

Louise January 8, 2018 answer

Hello everyone, I'm a 4th year student in engineering field and my diploma project includes some design and optimi... Read more

Dragos January 6, 2018 answer

Hi, A friend and I are in Stockholm from the 30th of december until the 2nd of January. What do you recommend for us ... Read more

Jolien December 29, 2017 answer

I would love to find a traditional Julbord and/or a restaurant serving traditional swedish food on the 25th December.... Read more

Mary December 18, 2017 answer

Hi, I am think about spending new years in Stockholm on my own. Any recommendations? Is it a good idea? Cool places t... Read more

Lucia December 15, 2017 answer

I know Christmas day many places will be closed but it will be good to know of any nice places we can have a Christma... Read more

Chantal December 8, 2017 answer

Hello, I want to go with my husband to the Absolut Icebar friday night but want to have dinner first. Do you know a n... Read more

jessica November 21, 2017 answer

Hello, We are visiting Stockholm for the New Year, Our first trip to Sweden.. We will be staying At the Scandic Gra... Read more

Georgina November 13, 2017 answer

Hello! What's the better option to get to Stockholm from Arlanda airport? Flygbussarna or SL?

Sharmane October 18, 2017 answer

Where can I see online what is on in cinemas and what events like exhibitions or festivals are taking place in Stockh... Read more

Berenice September 29, 2017 answer

Hi there, Was looking at going out in Stockholm and I enjoy going to Hip Hop nights. Can you recommend any good Hip ... Read more

vanessa September 28, 2017 answer

I have family friends coming from Australia and are only here for one night. Looking for a good (but not too expensiv... Read more

Georgia September 23, 2017 answer

Hello. I will be in Stockholm over new years eve and new years day. Are there any cafes open in the city area on new ... Read more

Kalman September 23, 2017 answer

My boyfriend and I will be in Stockholm on September 29 for four days. We are staying near the main train station. We... Read more

Paul September 22, 2017 answer

I did visit all museums at my previous trips to Stockholm and this time I look for something different. It can be an ... Read more

Ayca September 19, 2017 answer

i checked temperature in Stockholm, around Sodermalm. it looks cold. Should i need sweater or winter coat? I think... Read more

Rieko September 8, 2017 answer

which is the best way by bus or train for transportation between Arlanda airport and Slussen? easier, cheaper and... Read more

Rieko September 7, 2017 answer

i'll coming to Stockholm next weekend. any good beer tour for craft beer in Stockholm? i've already checked Nya car... Read more

Rieko September 6, 2017 answer

Hi dear swedish locals :) I will be in stockholm on the end of august just for one day. I know there are so many hig... Read more

Emre August 22, 2017 answer

On August 12 from 2300-0300 there will be the yearly Perseides Meteor Shower. Where is the best place in Stockholm t... Read more

John August 9, 2017 answer

I'd like to find a cosy, but special place for a group of friends celebrating a reunion.

Lara August 8, 2017 answer

are there any pubs in Stockholm that will show the Celtic fc v Partick match this Friday 11th ?

kevin August 7, 2017 answer

What if... It rains all day, and walling or exploring outside isn't the best idea. What would you do? ;-) Suggestions... Read more

Bram August 5, 2017 answer

He hej! I'm looking for a typically Swedish restaurant which is also very affordable and good for our budget ;-) We a... Read more

Bram August 2, 2017 answer

Hi! I have a gluten allergy and will be spending one day in Stockholm this month. Do you have any recommedations for ... Read more

Jessie July 24, 2017 answer

Hello! Tomorrow I am going on a RIB boat and was wondering what type of clothing i should wear since the weather is s... Read more

Sawyer July 21, 2017 answer

Hello I am from the United States and traveling with my grandparents. The past two days we have been here there has b... Read more

Sawyer July 19, 2017 answer

Is there anything I simply should not miss for sightseeing, eating or anything else? Thanks!

David July 7, 2017 answer

Hi, We are organising a study trip to Stockholm with a study group interested in international relations. It's a ... Read more

Quirine July 2, 2017 answer

I will be staying in Stockholm for a month and my budget will be tight. Like really tight. I will be staying at a hos... Read more

Max June 28, 2017 answer

What are some common/famous foods that locals like to eat or foods that yiu thubk those who ste vistijng should try

Shaina June 15, 2017 answer

What are some common/famous foods that locals like to eat or foods that yiu thubk those who ste vistijng should try

Shaina June 15, 2017 answer

I want to tour the music scene, but the indie stuff. Not the regular bulshit. Is there some venues ?

Hen June 10, 2017 answer

Hey! Is there anything happening tonight in Stockholm?! 30th May... Any tips about good parties or places to go out v... Read more

Dan May 30, 2017 answer

Wanna have a good night and would like to know what happens on Tuesdays in Stockholm

Brendon May 21, 2017 answer

We are going to do a cruise through the Baltic Sea and the cruise docks in Nynashamn.

Javier May 20, 2017 answer

Hi Stockholmers! What is the best way to take 'kollektivtraffiken' to Bromma Flygplats from city center? Thank... Read more

Rebecca May 16, 2017 answer

i want to book my hotel but i want to find the write district in stockholm where i find full of bars,pubs, restaurant... Read more

jack May 11, 2017 answer

Hi there! I'm coming to town for a weekend and was wondering if anyone would be interested in showing me around while... Read more

Olga May 9, 2017 answer

Hello :)) I wonder is there any cool market specially for designers (accessories, fashion, etc) , that You can ad... Read more

Louise May 4, 2017 answer

Hello! I just wanted to know, what is the best and cheapest way to go from airport to city centre ?:) Thanks.

Louise April 26, 2017 answer

Hi u have an idea about a nice place to eat tonight (nice would be a typacal sweden..but no too expensive)..... Read more

Claudio April 15, 2017 answer

Hii, I wanted to know if once i arrived to the Arlanda airport, can i book a ticket of the arlanda train to the cent... Read more

May April 11, 2017 answer

Hii , i will be in stockholm next sunday and i want to go around gamla stan and the Drottninggatan district , can u p... Read more

May April 10, 2017 answer

what is the best hotel ( not more than 120 Euro per night ) i can stay in the city center ?

May April 9, 2017 answer

Any scandinavian designer brand stocksales (Filippa K, Samsøe & Samsøe, mbyM,..) in Stockholm between april 6-10? Or ... Read more

Annik April 5, 2017 answer

Which transport will be the cheapest and easiest to go from Bromma AirPort to Ringvägen? And bus number or metro, tra... Read more

Annik April 4, 2017 answer

Hello! I have found on internet that in Stockholm are available tickets for 24h. Is it true? If it is, than what typ... Read more

Vladislavs March 23, 2017 answer

Hey, we are students from India. We intend to celebrate our friend's birthday tonight. Is there anything special that... Read more

Srikanth March 19, 2017 answer

Hello, For my trip to Stockholm this april, can I already let me sent a city map to my home? Or can apply for one so... Read more

Annik February 26, 2017 answer

Hi, Where can we do a real relaxing sauna day where it's very swedisch and where we can have maybe outdoor relax wit... Read more

Annik February 26, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I am going to celebrate my birthday in Stockholm but I have no idea about nice restaurants in the area. ... Read more

Joana February 9, 2017 answer

Hello everyone I will be travelling to Stockholm for around 3 days. Which area(s) of Stockholm do you guys recommend?... Read more

Kenny February 8, 2017 answer

hello im going to visit stockholm 7th of march.any ideas for bars and restaurants?its my first time in sweden for vis... Read more

dimitris February 4, 2017 answer

Hello guys, My name is Chloe Bonfante and I’m currently a student at Toulouse Business School. I am looking for a... Read more

Chloé February 3, 2017 answer

I am looking to go to Sweden for the Summer and would love to work in a nice bar or restaurant! Any ideas?!

Caroline January 22, 2017 answer

Is there an area where locals go for a cheap beer that isn't trendy, or glitzy, or up and coming? Not looking for gr... Read more

red January 19, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm looking for a nice bar or location for my 30th birthday party on Feb 11th. Do you know any nice places that w... Read more

Andrea January 14, 2017 answer

Hi, my wife's birthday is coming up and I wanted to book a nail day for her and my daughters in Stockholm. I was hop... Read more

Todd January 2, 2017 answer

Hello! I'm a new designer, and I'm interested, is there any place, in winter, where designer can sell their handmades... Read more

Louise December 14, 2016 answer

I will be visiting Stockholm in December and wanted to ask where can i shop for gold and clothes at affordable prices... Read more

catherine December 5, 2016 answer

Hello, myself and 4 friends are coming over to Stockholm for 3 days and are looking for information on the best pubs/... Read more

Mark December 1, 2016 answer

We (a family of 4 from Amsterdam) are visiting Stockholm during Christmas. Most restaurants are closed for 24th and 2... Read more

Jiri November 30, 2016 answer

We (my girlfriend and I) would like to attend a show at Wallmans in Stockholm but unfortunally there is no ticket ava... Read more

Anton November 14, 2016 answer

Hi, I have just started a job on the outskirts of Stockholm, we went in to Stockholm on Saturday to suss the place ... Read more

martin November 14, 2016 answer

My flight arrives at 16:45 & I usually buy return Arlanda Express tickets from the kiosk within the airport after col... Read more

Mary October 31, 2016 answer

I have a flight back to London from Stockholm on Christmas eve at 6pm. Will there be public transport esp trains to g... Read more

Mrskaykay October 27, 2016 answer

Kajsas Fisk is really famous with its fish soup, yet it's closed on sunday, I have friend coming to visit, just wonde... Read more

Cary October 16, 2016 answer

Hi! I'm going to visit Stockholm with a friend of mine in November and I need some advice about chill bars, cafes, lo... Read more

Abdurahman October 10, 2016 answer

I'll be visiting Stockholm very soon and wanted to check out some of the museums. I'm a student in Germany and wanted... Read more

Stefanie September 4, 2016 answer

Hi, my boyfriend and I on last night of hols in wonderful Stockholm and looking for a restauarant tonight. We are ear... Read more

Jess August 19, 2016 answer

Opening Indian fusion restaurant in Stockholm in first week of September. Looking for food bloggers to try food and a... Read more

Varpreet August 15, 2016 answer

Hi! I'm visiting Sweden in September and going to be in Stockholm for one day. I'm studying Swedish so I want to see ... Read more

Aneta August 7, 2016 answer

Hi, I'll be in Stockholm in august. I'd like to rent a simple motor boat for one day (no need for cabins or anything ... Read more

Sam August 7, 2016 answer

On september i'm in stockholm for 5 nights, ı'm solo traveler. I need your advice, night life, weather :)

Irfan July 29, 2016 answer

looking for nice hotel next to night life center like bars and pubs , what do you recommend?

nir July 14, 2016 answer

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