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By Jia Traveller May 24, 2018

I'll be visiting Stockholm on the 24 -26 jun, and I understand that this coincides with the midsummer celebration and many places would be closed. Would like to know if the popular restaurants will be open for business? And will there be place of interests to visit during this period?

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Hi Jia! Buisnesses and restaurants will be open as usual, some might close a bit earlier on Friday (Midsummers night).
If you want to see a traditional celebrating, you should go to "Skansen", an outdoor museum, we´re you`ll find old buildings from all parts of the country and also the actual celebrating. Skansen is situated in central Stockholm in Beautiful settings. Most people take the weekend of though and go to the countryside or out in the archipelago. There are loads of boatrides you can take for shorter or longer excursions, all leaving from central Stockholm. I can recommend Fjäderholmarna (20 minutes, small island with some restaurants, locals go there for sunbathing. Or Vaxholm, about 35-40 minutes, charming small town Mind the weather though.. it can be sunny and warm or rainy and windy... typical Swedish summer weather! Hope you will have a nice stay!
Karin Local May 24, 2018
Hi. Jia!
Midsummer eve is always on a Friday. So this year midsummers eve is on 22th of June ad midsummers day on 23 of June.
You will unfortunately miss midsummer celebration this year.
Best regards Stanley
Stanley Local May 24, 2018
Hello! The MOST popular restaurants may be open. But smaller businesses are often closed, and close earlier than usual a day before. It may be interesting to go around in green areas over Stockholm because there you can find "Summer stave" and picnicking swedes.
The best thing to do at Midsummer is to learn to know someone local and get access to a private party. This day swedes like to celebrate with close ones.
Arseny Local May 24, 2018