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By Tara Traveller June 27, 2018

Can you please recommend a nice, romantic place to stay on an island not too far from Stockholm (we're staying a couple of days in the city) and would love to get away from the city and stay somewhere pretty and a bit more quiet where we could take long hikes/walks and have great food? We're arriving from Northern California July 14th. Thank you!!!

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4 answers

You can also try Grinda or Vaxholm. Sandhamn is further out in the archipelago but have nice hikes, sandy beaches and cliffs. Also three restaurants. - 1,20h boat trip from Stockholm C (Strömkajen) - 1h boat trip - 2h boat trip
Anna Local June 27, 2018
Maybe the hostel af Chapman at Skeppsholmen, or airbnb in Djurgården or Gamla Stan. I have a small place that l share
Stanley Local June 27, 2018
Ideal for a 48h excursion; Mariefred with Gripsholms Royal Castle and idyllic small town athmosphere. Stay at the upscale ”Gripsholms Världshus” or the camping grounds. Daily 100 year old steamer s/s Mariefred (4h) or national rail gets you there in just over an hour
Mattias Local June 27, 2018
Hi Tara, Utö is an island in the Archipelago that would suit your needs:
An Inactive User Local June 27, 2018
Utö is a good suggestion, or Möja.