What topics in Stockholm are likely to study

By Traveller July 12, 2018

What topics in Stockholm are likely to study

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By An Inactive User Traveller July 12, 2018

I know the question is kind of weird, but I just want to know what topics, subjects are often studied in Swedish cities like Stockholm? Because I really kind of want to move there in a couple of years maybe because I love Stockholm, from Berlin to probably study or work there...So right now I am 16 years old and I finish school in 2 years here in Berlin, I'm learning also Swedish here in Berlin and it is kind of my one of my lifegoals to live in another country, because it is sure an adventure and I choosed Sweden. I looked just for fun for some 1 room apartments in Stockholm, because I read that Stockholm and the other two big cities are really not cheap (I personally would prefer Stockholm), but how about apartments in suburbs for example in Stockholm like Husby, Rinkeby, Tensta, Skärholmen, Farsta etc.? I mean it is quiete easy to reach the city centre with the tunnelbanna from these places. And I still do not know what I want to study so I wanted to ask, which subjects are mostly studied in Stockholm, or can you study anything there? Or is it hard to live in Sweden? Thank you very, very much for answers and greetings grom Berlin.

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Have a look on Uppsala as an alternative, lovely university town and you can still enjoy Stockholm 40 min away :)
Local July 25, 2018
You should study what you are interested in. It doesn't matter so much where you live if you are happy doing your work. Talk with your school guidence counselor. There are exchange programs for EU students . If you want to expand your mind, there are some great exchange programs in S. Korea, Japan and China. I Had a friend that gotdegree in computer science, with tuition, housing and a living allowance paid for by the Korean Government.
I know there are people that will disagree, but living in Stockholm isn't that much different that living in other northern Europe cities. Housing is nearly impossible to find in Stockholm. If you want to live in Stockholm, you needed to get in the housing queue 16 years ago. I know people that sign their babies up for the housing as soon as they get a person number. Consider going to schools in other cities than Stockholm. Umeå, Linköping, Lund are much easier to get housing and cheaper to live.
Local July 14, 2018
The places you meantioned are in the swedish ghettos. They are ok, but if you want to get in a more swedish envoriment you should try to search an appartment on the green line, or the redline max 10min from the central station.

The fika is most actuall for the construction and handyworkers, and is usually a paus in the work in 15min for coffe and cinamonbums (if you are lucky).

I think you can study what ever you like, and wish you good luck with that!

Local July 13, 2018
Farsta is not a ghetto and by non- Nordic country standards neither are Husby, Rinkeby, Tensta, Skärholmen.
Thanks for the answer, yes I know that these places were the ghettos because living there should be quiete cheap I thaught and I mean, it is important for me to live in suburbs because of the nature that I really need, and I personally prefer the life in the suburbs so I thaught Husby, Skärholmen would be actually nice places then. :)
Yeah it is true, Ghettos do not exist in nordic countries, excuse me too.
I didn't mean to use the word ghettos, I would use 'prefabricated', because in my opinion the higher houses in Husby for exampel are actually kinda nice, I like them.
Hi, Bruno

You can study mor or less anything in Stockholm. I would suggest you to checkout https://www.kth.se/en and https://www.su.se/english/ as a starter.
I would not recommend to live in the suburbs mentioned. You will be tirerd after a while. Try to get a room a bit more central. Try to get a study room via the schools you apply or try to get a room via https://www.blocket.se/bostad/uthyres/stockholm?sort=&ss=&se=1&ros=&roe=&bs=&be=&mre=&q=&q=&q=&is=1&save_search=1&l=0&md=th&f=b&as=131_11&m=131 .
Just go for the subjects you like and search around. Good luck!
Local July 12, 2018
Thank you very much for the answee, I really appreciate, but what do you mean by tired: Is it too long to get into the city?
Well, it is always nice to minimise commuting time. In the long run it could be tiring. I would recommend to try find a room along the red line subway, because it has stops at both Kungliga Högskolan and Universitet.
You are right, but I hope I am not wrong but isn't Skärholmen on the red line?
I am sorry, I hope o do not annoy you, I am really thankful for your answers.
I just have another question I heard a lot about that Swedes love their coffe and their coffe time, something with 'fika' can you probably tell me what's up with that whole thing in Sweden?
Yes. It is in the red line. Note though that there are two red lines. From Skärholmen to Universitetet you have to change along the route to the red line towards Mörby Centrum. The time the subway ride takes between Skärholmen and Universitetet is 39 minutes.
I didn't know there was a site about Fika