Weekdays stay/locals/off the beating track/sportive activities

By Traveller October 6, 2018

Weekdays stay/locals/off the beating track/sportive activities

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By Anna Traveller October 6, 2018

Hello locals of Stockholm,

I'm arriving in a week+2days time on a Monday in Stockholm and stay until Thursday morning. I have already looked up a few things to do in Stockholm.
Visiting some foodmarkets. Like renting a bike and heading down to Söder. Checking out Djurgarden & Monteliusvägen

Is there any "insider tipp" what I shouldn´t miss in Stockholm during the week??
What ever it is: best dish in a stall or best coffe or best bar or cool place to visit/see etc. or an intresting event??
Is there a specific fish market where I can grab a bite at stalls or is that covered with the foodmarkets??

Really any idea for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday to do in Stockholm??

Since I will be traveling solo, does any one have an idea to link up to locals for any kind of activity??

Also sportive activities e.g.: Are there any outdoor bootcamp/Calithenics/crossfit facebook groups or morning/evening Stockholm runners??

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