Insider Tipps for during the week?

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By Anna Traveller October 7, 2018

I'm arriving Monday in 2 weeks and leaving Thursday morning. I´ve already looked up stuff to do, but does anyone have like cool insider tipps to do or to see during the week in Stockholm?? On my list is Söder, visiting the foodhalls, biking along waterfront.. etc.

your tipps could be anything, really!

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Hey Anna nice to know you are traveling here, it's nice and must visit place..
Let me know if you need some help from me.
Mayank Local October 7, 2018
Well there is Mall Of Scandinavia (MOS), there is the Gondolen elevator (it's free and it'll give you a view of Stockholm entirely. There is Gröna Lund, which costs a bit but it's an amazing amusement park. There is Djurgården, a beautiful park. And there's also (depending on how much you can spend) skydiving a little bit up in the north, in Uppsala. It'll give you the full view and experience of Stockholm and more, but it costs a bunch. So those are some tips.
E Local October 7, 2018
great thx :)
I know Scandic Camper do running clubs, so check that out :)

Erik Local October 7, 2018
Coolio - Will do :)
If you want to see interesting photographs, go to Fotografiska, it's also in Sodermalm. Went there yesterday. On your way there you can climb to Katarina lift (it's out of service, lift itself, but you can go by stairs to see most of Stockholm from there). You should also walk/bike through Gamla stan and Skansen. I've been here for almost three weeks, and I really like it. For me, the downside is going alone, but well, that's just me. Have a nice time :)
Alex Local October 7, 2018
thx so much!! :))
Fotografiska the photography museum. Great exhibitions, nice view and a good restaurant
Love Local October 7, 2018
Anyone any ideas to link up to Stockholm locals through sportive activities??
I like to run and do outdoor bootcamps etc.
Are there any facebook groups etc?? who do sport-stuff outdoors during the week??
Anna Traveller October 7, 2018
I recommend walking around and feel the atmosphere, for instance in Gamla Stan. Also recommend Vasamuseet (with the old warship who capsized at the maiden tour 1628) and Skansen (worlds oldest open air museum) at Djurgården island. Also sightseeing by boats e.g. to Drottningholm castle or an archipelsgo tour, check .
Also check events at the calendar at
Specific for sport I found this:
Best Regards Stanley
Stanley Local October 7, 2018
thank you stanley ;)