backpack with Stockholm city map pattern

By Traveller November 3, 2018

backpack with Stockholm city map pattern

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By Aylin Traveller November 3, 2018

Hello, I am not sure if this is the right platform to ask this but I'm gonna try. I was this week in Stockholm and saw a backpack from the label Sandqvist with the Stockholm city map on it. I really liked the backpack and I wanted to buy this, so I went to the 2 stores from Sandqvist and they told me that they never seen something like this. So I wanted to ask people from around the world if anybody has seen a backpack like this.

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Hi! I haven’t seen that either and I don’t think that the brand Sandqvist would manufacture it. They only have monochromatic patterns. I think someone made it themselves. You can get fabric with the pattern of the map of Stockholm at Åhlens and try it yourself. I think it is from the manufacturer Svenska Tan, but I am not sure. They have trays, napkins and other nice stuff too. I hope this helps!
Local November 4, 2018