Whats the cheapest way to get around Scandinavia and Finland?

By Traveller January 8, 2019

Whats the cheapest way to get around Scandinavia and Finland?

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By Alex Traveller January 8, 2019

In late march me and a friend are visiting scandinavia and want to check out each country including Finland.
Whats the cheapest way to get around to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland?

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2 answers

Dont know if the reply is too late but MTR is usually cheaper train service compared to SJ.se

Flights Bromma/Arlanda airport to Finland can be cheaper than the ferry.

Norwegian and BRA usually have the cheapest flights. Check momondo.com :)

Easier and cheaper to travel from Bromma airport as you can go there by local bus.
Local March 9, 2019
Depends on how many stops you are doing. Many=rent a car. Fewer=bus or train. From Sweden to Finland it is cheap to go with a ferry.
Local January 8, 2019
Im guessing about 5 stops in scandinavia. Havent decided which citys yet. Would like to avoid some main citys if its any cheaper.

I saw a ferry to Turku that has overnight cabins. So we might do that to get to finland.
Exactly, good value! If you only go to 5 cities, and don’t have need for a car except for traveling, I would go with train and bus. If you are going far it can be cheaper, and morse convenient, with a flight as well.
Staffan Local January 8, 2019
Great thanks.
I visit england every few years and the train is great to go from city to city. I imagine its pretty similar.