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By Kenny Traveller February 8, 2017

Hello everyone I will be travelling to Stockholm for around 3 days. Which area(s) of Stockholm do you guys recommend? I have only heard of Vasa Museum and Gamla Stan. How much time should I reserve for Gamla Stan when planning the trip? Thanks a lot !

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Hi Kenny,

I'd recommend Södermalm - Nytorget, Mariatorget, Mariaberget and walk along the water on Kungsholmen where you'll also find City Hall.

You only need one day for Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace is also located in Gamla stan.

If you like to walk you should take the boat from Slussen (Djurgårdsfärjan) to Djurgården where you can find Rosendals trädgård, Skansen, Gröna Lund and the Vasa Museum and the Nordic Museum etc.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit to Stockholm!
Mia Local February 8, 2017
I can't remember the names of the areas that I visited, although I adivese you not to go to the Skansen park because of the winter season, almost evrything is closed an some animals are hibernating. So its not worth the money. My regret was not going up the Ericsoon Globe. You can get a panoramic view of Stockholm there.

For Gamla Stan I recommend you at least a couple of hours. It is filled with narrow streets and a lot of souvenirs shops. We went there to visit the palace and we didnt expect anything else but it was worth to walk around. It is very small and without realising it we crossed to another island where we saw the Grand Hotel and more emblematic buildings.
Millan Local February 8, 2017
If the OP does go to Globen there's some Stockholm themed minigolf below it (at tolv) that I thought was pretty fun. The area isn't very pretty or touristy though, but it's pretty close to Södermalm.
Nathan Local February 8, 2017
I would recommend half a day for Gamla Stan, there is a really nice cafe where you can get hot Chocolate called "Chokladkoppen" just besides the square.

I highly recommend taking a walk on Djurgården along the canal Djurgårdskanalen, it is really pretty all year round.

Also, you could go to the really nice museum "Fotografiska". They have different photografers exhibit their projects. Right now my favorits are the Diesel advertisements and We Have A Dream. You could eat lunch in the museum's own restaurant with the view over a large part of Stockholm.

Enjoy your stay!
Vendela Local February 8, 2017
Hi Kenny!

Gamla stan is touristy as been mentioned below, but it's really a must. Get lost on the small streets and avoid Västerlånggatan. For example Baggensgatan, Brända Tomten and the streets surrounding Köpmantorget. If you need to be convinced, head to our Instagram where we're having a theme week on Gamla stan (@ourwaytours on Insta).

When we do tours on Vasa Museum, we only spend 40 minutes there, which we think is enough. It's located on Djurgården which will take you approx. 10 minutes to head to by boat (well recommended if you choose to get a public transportation card it's included). Djurgården on it's own is a beautiful area itself to stroll in. It's sort the recreational area of the city.

Other than that: Södermalm, especially the area surrounding Mariaberget, is great for views and old streets with small houses from the 1800s. If you're more interested in vintage, small cafés and stuff like that, head to SoFo, the area around Nytorget.

Have a great time in Stockholm!
OURWAY Sweden Local February 8, 2017
AVOID Gamla Stan... well, just brows trough it and try to avoid Västerlånggata. That street is PACKED with tourists and you'll only get annoyed. Try instead to stroll from the royal palats, which is sort of "on a hill" the streets from there are less crowded.
Själagårdsgatan is my favourite street.

Vasa Museum, it's cool but a bit overrated. You can easily finish it with in 2 hours.
I recommend Nordiska Museet, which is more about the nordic countries and Sweden. Fotografiska, if you re interested in photography.

Södermalm I recommend. Mostly locals, you have a great variety of pubs, restaurants and cafes.
Avoid Drottninggatan as well. This is the "shopping street". Packed and boring.
Nela Local February 8, 2017
There is also live jazz at Stampen and plenty of cheap bars, gay bars and wine bars you could visit and this time of year gamla stan feels cozy and old at night
Anders Local February 8, 2017
Gamla stan You should split up in two; visit the sights like the Royal palace, the armory, the grand church, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd etc during daytime.

Come back at night for the Irish pubs with live music (O'Connels, Wirströms, The Liffey) and great food at the Gastro Pubs (Flying Elk, Pubologi, Ardbeg) and fantastic drinks at the Pharmarium.

Anders Local February 8, 2017
All the other locale have quite well summoned up stockholm, but I would like to add a boat trip to the archipelago ( most boats go from strandvägen). If it's freezing, try and catch a bus to hellasgården, rent skates there and enjoy skating on a beautiful lake , surrounded by forest and rock. Go to the modern museum, take a walk along the waterside there. Have a nice meal in Gondolan restaurant, near Slussen. You'll be high and dry there. Shop and walk around odenplan, not well known, but enough gems. Use the public transport, check out the beautiful metro stations.
Yvette Local February 14, 2017
Go to the museum of photografy, Even if you don't like the exhibitions the view from the cafeteria is still great.
It takes about 15 min to walk around gamla stan, spend half a day there, like most old towns it's sadly a bit touristy. But their are some charming restaurants/Pubs in medieval basements e.g. Wirströms, tweed, sjätte tunnan, Stampen.
When vissiting Vasa museum, walk along the water a bit the island where the museum is lokated is nice (Djurgården). alternativly walk along the water to town.
Björn Local February 10, 2017
Gamla stan is nice to just take a relaxed walk in, so don't worry about the time just take the time you feel you can/want to. Many nice small shops and beautiful old buildings. There's many nice museums in Stockholm, so try to search for some others, not only Vasa!

My favorite area in Stockholm is "Södermalm". It's the hipster area you could say, with beautiful buildings, cute coffee shops and alternative stuff.

Try to avoid the big shopping streets, it's crowded and quite boring in my opinion..

I hope this helped and that you have a nice time there!!
Maria Local February 8, 2017