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From Arlanda to city centre

By Traveller April 26, 2017

From Arlanda to city centre

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By Louise Traveller April 26, 2017


I just wanted to know, what is the best and cheapest way to go from airport to city centre ?:)


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Local bus to Märsta then Pendeltög.It goes to Central station. The price is regular transport price or if you get SL card for more days it's included.
Second option is Flygbussarna but it's more expensive but relatively direct and more convenient if you have lots of baggage.
Local April 26, 2017

The cheapest is:

The fastest is:

Good luck!
Local April 26, 2017
The Buses called Flygbussarna. Buy ticket online at It´s the only operating bus line and it is easy to find right outside the terminal.
Local April 26, 2017

Cheapest option is going by bus from Arlanda to Sthlm central station:
Look for “Flygbussarna”.
One way ticket approx. 120 SEK
Airport bus information
Airport bus ticket prices:

Second option is to go by commuter train (Pendeltåg) to Sthlm central station. Arlanda central station counter is located in SkyCity.
One way ticket approx. 150 SEK
Third option is Arlanda Express “high speed” train to Sthlm central station. One way ticket approx. 200 SEK
Both train options are explained here:

Taxi fees are negotiated and should not cost you more than 675 SEK to Sthlm central station.
Taxis are found at the exit. Always ask the driver for the price prior. Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir, Taxi020 are the most respected cab companies.

1 USD = 9 SEK

Depending if I'm in a hurry or not, my choice would be one of the train options. Good luck!

Local April 26, 2017
Take the Arlanda express, not the cheapest but the best and Smoothest. Only 20min.
Local April 26, 2017
Hi Louise,
as far as I know, there is bus transport from the airport directly to the City Terminal in Stockholm, which is the center of all public transportation.
You can buy tickets on the airport. It is cheap, fast and comfortable.
My plain arrives on Skavsta, so I have more knowledge about that, but as Far as I could see, it is totally the same on all the airports of Stockholm. And the all the buses go to the City Terminal as well.

I hope I could help you :)
Have a nice stay in Stockholm, it is really beautiful! You're gonna love it!+

Regards, Anita
Local April 26, 2017
Hi Louise!
The cheapeast way is by far the airport coaches, it costs aorund 100 SEK one way and takes about 40 min (given the amount of traffic). The train, Arlanda express, takes 15-20 minutes and costs about the double. They both leave with 5-10 minutes intervalls.
Local April 26, 2017
Take the airport bus around 20 EUR return. There are ticket machines inside the airport but I recommend to pay with Visa/MC on the bus. Note no cash!

The bus departs from every ten-fifteen minutes and is to be found to the left when you exit the airport. It takes about 40 minutes to Centralen (Central station).

At centralen go down towards the metro and you'll find a SL center (metro info) where you can buy metro cards. I recommend that you buy these cards as it's cheaper than buying single ticket rides.

I hope you'll enjoy Stockholm!
Local April 26, 2017
Hi Louise!

Going by Flygbussen, which is the transfer bus, is the cheapest alternative as it is only 99 sek for an adult. Here is a link to the site:

Also, if you already have a commuter card for the regular buses and trains in Stockholm, you can purchase an add-on to that and go to Stockholm by commuter train.

Enjoy your stay!

Traveller April 26, 2017
thank you very much :)
And by the Flygbussen you can go at any time?
or i have to buy the ticket on definite time?
You can go at any time :)
okey, but if the bus is full, then we have to wait the next one ? isnt it?
I guess so, but I've never seen that happen. They leave every 10 minutes during rush hours so it's rarely full, and if worst comes to worst, all you have to wait is just 10 minutes.
Hi Louise! You can also download the app from either App store or Google Play;

Then you will have the ticket valid for 90 days in your mobile phone. :)

Have a nice trip in Stockholm! :)
Jim Local April 26, 2017