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By Rieko Local September 6, 2017

i'll coming to Stockholm next weekend.
any good beer tour for craft beer in Stockholm?
i've already checked Nya carnegiebryggerite, but it's already full..

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Fjärderholmarna (a bit outside of Stockholm, in the archipelago) has a brewery and they have a tour. I haven't been going to the tour personally though, was just eating dinner there. I'm not sure if we have many brewery tours here in Stockholm, but there are many pubs with local beers so let me know if this is something you'd be interested in knowing.
Annisa Local September 7, 2017
thank you Annisa :)
it looks small island! cool!
yeah i'm interested in and know nice craft beer bar :))
Rieko Local September 7, 2017
Check out omnipollo close to slussen, and also akkurat (also in slussen). Akkurat has a lot of beer (and whisky) so they serve not only local beers but from all over. If you go there, check out what they have in their guest taps as they change then quite regularly.
Annisa Local September 8, 2017
thank you Annisa!
reallly helpful:)
ill try Omnipollo definitely!!
Rieko Local September 8, 2017
Don´t know about any tours, but the pub Brewdog (there are two in Stockholm, one in Södermalm, one in Kungsholmen) serve different kinds of beers, a lot of them local. Plus it´s a really nice place. If you are in to beers from the Czech republic, there is the pub Soldaten Svejk in Södermalm. It´s an institution for beer lovers.
Colette Local September 6, 2017