Favorite restaurants?

By Traveller September 22, 2017

Favorite restaurants?

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By Paul Traveller September 22, 2017

My boyfriend and I will be in Stockholm on September 29 for four days. We are staying near the main train station. We are not big foodies but we do like to experiment with all kinds of restaurants. We love fresh seafood in particular. Can you suggest restaurants near us that are reasonably priced? We will try just about anything and are looking for new experiences! No tourist traps please.

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1. B.A.R: Blasieholmens akvarium och restaurang (fish)

2. Grannens matsal (swedish)

Local September 23, 2017
These look perfect! Thank you
Paul Traveller September 27, 2017
Hey! Sushi in stockholm is great pretty much anywhere you go.
If you can afford it, I'd suggest Melanders for seafood. The best fast food is either Max (burger chain), you have one like 50 meters from the main ststion. Another option is K25 which is a food court so to speak on Kungsgatan 25 (hence the name) where you can find pretty much anything you want, sushi, dumplings, burritos, burgers, noodles and much more.
Local September 22, 2017
Hi, Stockholm is perhaps not super great when it comes to fresh seafood, and it tends to be rather expensive (Gothenburg has more seafood in general, as that's where the main fishing industry is). I know that Wasahof on Dalagatan (close to where you are) is a popular place among seafood lovers and it has been around for a long time.
It could also be fun for you to sample fish dishes in Hötorgshallen, but that's only open for lunch and afternoon treats.
If you're interested in trying dishes from northern Sweden, I love the restaurant Knut on Upplandsgatan, it is low key and their cocktails are great (also close to where you are).
Basically all restaurants in Stockholm have online menus (usually also in English) so that you can see what they offer and the prices. Hope you'll find something you like!
Local September 22, 2017
By the way, if you would like to join us for dinner it would be fun to meet some locals!
Traveller September 22, 2017