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By Louise Traveller January 10, 2018


I'm interested about some upcoming design markets, that's worth it to participate as designer/seller.
Maybe You have something on mind, where should I look for it?
All the best,

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Check out Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö or Kistamässan.
Johan Local January 12, 2018
I would say Designtorget or Designmarknad Sthlm. Designtorget have shops in several locations in Stockholm. They choose products from both producers and designers to sell in their shops. At least they used to have some business model where the designer paid a small fee to participate and then they took a percentage after sales. I don’t know if they still have this model. Designmarknad Sthlm is like a market where you participate and sell your own products like on a flea market.
Mats Local January 11, 2018
Think you should check out the “Designtorget” stores.
Love Local January 10, 2018
thanks a lot. this looks interesting :)
Maybe You know something about markets for designers?
Hi Louise, You should look for Formex. Its the lagerst fair for design in Scandinavia.

Welcome to Stockholm! ❤️
Hans Local January 10, 2018
Thanks a lot;
but that is more like exhibition? not market..
I'm interested to participate as a designer-seller....