Swing dance in Stockholm?

By Traveller January 24, 2018

Swing dance in Stockholm?

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By Nursultan Traveller January 24, 2018

Hello everyone!!

I'll be in Stockholm 2-3-4 March. I'm interested in Swing dance especially Lindy hop. Is there any place for social dancing or dance nights. Beside walking around and discovering Stockholm I'd love to go to a swing dance party!

Thank you!!

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Hello there!

I'm not an expert in this particular area but I know that Chicago Dance Studio on Hornsgatan, in Södermalm, has swing socials. This is their website http://www.chicago75.se. On Facebook you can usually find a community and ask there as well :)

I hope I could help!
Local January 24, 2018
Dear Clara,

It is very helpful!! Thank you very much.
I checked, and found some swing socials :)


In addition to what Clara mentioned, you also have Swedish Swing Society http://www.swedishswing.se/. I think those are the two main ones in Stockholm, but I am no expert either, I have just written them down, for when I am to check them out and try Lindy myself.

Best regards,
Björn Local January 25, 2018
Dear Björn,

Thank you!!
I'm checking swedishswing too.
I'm following a course in İstanbul. I like vibes and jazz music :)