What is a good space to hold a private party in the summer?

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By Brian Traveller February 4, 2018

Looking for a place to hold a wedding dinner / party, but nothing too stuffy and for just 10-20 guests. Outdoor and/or view preferred. Has anyone seen or been to anything in Stockholm that seemed unique / like a good idea?

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Hi Brian,

You could try renting a summer house in the Swedish archipelago and throwing an outdoor wedding there. Gällnö is a good island they also have an outdoor bar/restaurant (very charming) there that you could probably hold a reception at. You might be able to make it a private party if you work something out with the owners, or you could have the party on the property of a summer house that you rent.
Or, if you want something in the city, there is the Clarion Hotel Sign roof top with a pool and views that you could rent out. I believe they have a restaurant/room that you can rent off the roof top. Here's the link:
and for the restaurant;

There is also this garden that's popular; don't know if you can have weddings there, but you can look into it:

It's really pretty there in the spring/summer.
Hope this can cause some inspiration :)
Kim Local February 4, 2018
Hi Kim,

Thank you very much for your helpful response. I like your idea of an outdoor wedding. Is there any good sites you recommend for finding such a place?
Brian Traveller February 5, 2018