Cycling Countryside Around Stockholm

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By Jeff Traveller April 16, 2018

My partner and I like to cycle out from cities in Europe to see the countryside. Is there a good route from Stockholm into farmland, woodland, possibly to a nice village that may be done during one day?

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3 answers

There are lots of places, plus you can take your bikes on the commuter train.
I live south of Stockholm, my suggestions are rides I've done. From Central The shortest ride (2.5-4 hour) that feels like country side is to ride around Brunsviken Lake, up to Kungsharma takes you around the Unverstiy, botanical gardens and Haga park. The ride to Drottingholm is easy and lovely , but not so much country side, less than 3 hours. A bit longer ride. go to Hellasgården, Ältavägen, Nacka, and then if you have energy left swing back through Nacka Strand. All day ride. Take the commuter train to Södertälje, and cycle back, the good thing about this route, is that the commuter train is usually near in case the weather turns off.

Bonne Mécanique is my favorite bike repair cafe, super friendly staff.
Charmin Local April 16, 2018
Thank you. Great ideas!
Hey. Yes there are many places to go to. There are bike trails that lead out the city in all directions. Specifically I don’t know exactly. But the best thing would be to contact a bike shop. The workers there should know the best places to go.

This is one place: Urban Bike Wear AB, Tjärhovsgatan 14, 116 21 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 533 327 05
Martynas Local April 16, 2018
Hi Jeff! Yes there is some great routes to do, all depending on the distances you are thinking.

But from downtown, out to Ekerö, passing the royal palace, great nature etc,

Or out to the archipelago, down south to Södertälje. Endless possibilities and also great bike lanes

Erik Local April 16, 2018