Money Currency Question

By Traveller May 17, 2018

Money Currency Question

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By Sharifah Traveller May 17, 2018

I'm staying in Stockholm for 3 days then heading to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Since I will be handling 3 different currencies, what is the least amount that I will need in SEK? I plan on using my cards for transactions as I do not get charged fees for them, but I do plan on tipping my guide for a free walking tour.
If you can help with the DKK that would be great as well :).

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Hello to tell the truth its only payment with cards here even for a coffee or a beer
it nearly a non cash society .
I would take cash from the machine as you need it i personley would tip the guide 50 kr this like 5 €s
i cant help you with Denmark .

but if you drink beer there is a street called sveavagen there a re a lot of bars taking 30 kr 3€s for a beer
have a good time .
You don't need cash in Stockholm. Some shops don't even take cash. Can't remember what year I went to an ATM to be honest.
It's almost the same here. I live in New York. But you still have street vendors or flea markets that do not have credit card machines.
Pretty much everywhere accepts cards in Stockholm and Copenhagen. In fact, many only take cards. We live in a cashless society here :) I recommend figuring out how much you'd like to tip your guide and adding a little to that amount. I hope that helps!
Local Guru May 17, 2018
Something else just came to mind: when you enter a place in Copenhagen, ask if the accept foreign cards. Some smaller places only accept Dankort, the national debit card of Denmark. I've been caught out a few times as I only have a Swedish card (I live across the bridge in Malmö).
Wow this is something I did not know. I better make sure I do more research for Copenhagen!
It's super annoying, but it's usually only really small places in out-of-the-way neighbourhoods. I usually just run to the nearest ATM in these cases, which isn't so bad since my bank doesn't charge fees.
Hi. Sweden is a country where u can pay with card evey where so u won’t be needing so much cash. I could say u need no cash but to be sure maybe 500 sek.
Local May 17, 2018
In Stockholm card is king so i don't think you will need that much cash. I never have cash and I live here. Some of the restaurants here don't even accept cash. So 50 euro is more that enough if you want to be safe.
Local May 17, 2018