One weekend in Stockholm

By Traveller October 10, 2016

One weekend in Stockholm

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By Abdurahman Traveller October 10, 2016

Hi! I'm going to visit Stockholm with a friend of mine in November and I need some advice about chill bars, cafes, local foods and nightclubs. We have only 2 days to get around, want to see local and interesting places and people. I'd be grateful for any help and i hope it won't be freezing cold there in November :)


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Nov is cold wet dark horrible. Go to Natural History Museum is fantastic, fun to do and see and free. With nice restaurant. And medieval stockholm museum and Swedish History museum and Armé museet are excellent and warm. Any of the Foodhallen are great
Local August 21, 2018
I would recommend to walk around in skanstull it's not really a nightclub are but there's alot of great swedish cafées. From there you can walk to nytorget (if it isin't to cold). Nytorget is a good to place to just to chill out and grad a cold beer in one of the many bars.
Traveller September 7, 2017
Hi! oh how nice, would love to help :)
There's two really nice and different bars called Skybar and Vampire Lounge which makes amazing cocktails. When it comes to restaurants I really love Farang, naglo and ebenist, you can google all of them to see if the food is your taste and in the right price range.
In my opinion all nightclubs in Stockholm is basically the same, which is a shame.. So like I said before you might as well google it and see which places you think looks most fun.
Haha unfortunately it will be freezing cold here then, today it's 7 degrees..
I would also recommend going to museums, we have a few amazing museums almost all of them is free.

Hope you enjoy Stockholm! :)

Local October 15, 2016
thank you very much :)
If you are looking for a café, I can warmly recommend Vete-Katten. :-)
Local October 11, 2016
thanks :)
Bar 9 - chill neighborhood atmosphere, good food at really cheap prices, good beers & wines
Local October 10, 2016
thank you :)
Great to hear you are visiting Stockholm. There is alot to see, the city is perfect to walk around in so bring shoes for that! Got a cool tip for you, there is a medival restaurant in Gamla Stan (old town) called Sjätte Tunnan (the sixth barrel). They do super good food and have lots of mead. a different experience all in all! check it out!
Local October 10, 2016
medieval restaurant sounds interesting, worth a try, thanks :) one more thing; do you have any idea about hostels?
There are a few hostels around. My friends have previously stayed in a boat hostel close to Fotografiska, near Slussen(close to everything in town) it´s called There are more hostels, another one less cosy but cheaper is and another very cool one in an old prison (also in town, not far away, famous place) is One of the swedish words for hostel is vandrarhem, might make your research easier. Another good tip is to check out airbnb!
Emmy Local October 12, 2016
you've made my research so much easier and i really appreciate it :)
Hi and welcome to Stockholm! :)

My best Restaurants in Stockholm:
Nybrogatan 38
Yuc! (mexican)
Strandvägen 1 (expensive but really good)
Supper (south american food, sooo good)
Nytorget 6

Snickarbacken 7
Pom & Flora

Pharmarium (cocktails, expensive but amazing)
Ling Long
Yuc! The mexican restaurants, but also amazing cocktails and great "party feeling".

Don't forget to book the restaurants a couple of weeks before, especially if you are in Stockholm over the weekend :) And also, don't forget your jacket haha. Have fun! :)
Local October 10, 2016
I've already worn my jacket :) thanks a lot
Wel, certainly you have to go to gamla part of city that has a lot of options of pubs, bars, etc. This is a cool place to go at night and during the day, when has lots of movement. We did segway tour which is very cool. i super recommend. don't miss vasamuseum, it's incredible! And if you choose to do sightseeing, you certainly have to pick the redbuses hop-on hop-of. don't choose the other company, it was not a good experience. So, go on and have fun!
Local October 10, 2016
I heard many great things about gamla and vasamuseum. I'll definitely visit that part of the city. thanks :)
Hi! :-)

Welcome to Stockholm! Here's some tips from us.

Chill bars: Häktet (Hornsgatan 82), Folkbaren (Hornsgatan 72), Marie Leaveu (Hornsgatan 66). Most places around Nytorget (Södermalm). Local food: Meatballs at Meatballs by the people (Nytorgsgatan 30), Österlånggatan 17 or Nytorget 6 (both restaurants are named after their adress). Nightclubs I'd say it depends on what type of clubs you like, if you like 'indie' clubs I'd suggest Under Bron (, if you like to dance and be surrounded by party and posh people, the area of Stureplan is the place for you.

Other suggestions: Vasa Museum, Fotografiska.

I hope you have a lovely weekend in the city, feel free to check out our Instagram (@ourwaytours) for photos of Stockholm, if you're longing!

Kind regards ,
Local October 10, 2016
thank you very much :)
Kvarnen is a restaurant close to medborgarplatsen metro with Swedish food and atmosphere, I recommend fish soup. It's also a nightclub later. Skånegatan which is also close to medborgarplatsen has a lot of hipster places. Stureplan is a popular area for suits, with arrogant bouncers but a lot of women who dress up nice and like to party.
Local October 10, 2016
Is there any club which plays dance/electronic music?