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La Dolce Vita


Why locals love it

The sommeliers of ancient Rome all agreed that 121BC was a brilliant year for wine. Even Julius, that sour Caesar, gushed over a bottle of Falernian cru made from the blessed harvest. No doubt he'd approve the nectar at this chic cavern of iniquity. It's a vintage Italian affair, fit for an emperor. But you can't book, so could he get a seat?



Why you should visit it

121BC sources their nectar from small artisanal producers, only serving Italian local varieties, so you can travel the entire length of the republic by vineyard. Like the wine list, the food menu is strictly Italian fare, packed with shareable dishes that you'll want all to yourself.

Special tip

They have regular Saturday wine tastings from 2.30-4.30PM. It's free, but again, they don't take bookings.

4/50 Holt St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
+61 2 9699 1582
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