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Scenic hangout with a secret

Hirve Park

Why locals love it

Just a stone's throw away from the Pikk Hermann tower on the Toompea hill is... well, another hill. Underneath that hill, legend has it, is buried Linda, the mythological mother of the Estonian nation. Who was also a giant. We don't exactly have proof of this, but the legend sounds solid enough.



Why you should visit it

This small inconspicuous park has a secret. In 1987, it was the site of the first organised public protest against the Soviet regime, foreshadowing the momentous events that eventually brought about Estonia's independence in 1991. Also perfect for rolling around in the grass whilst grazing on some chips.

Special tip

On the odd occasion, scooter cops can be seen patrolling the pathways in search of drunken minors. Or maybe they're just taking the scenic route?

Hirve Park
Wismari 2, 10136, 10136 Tallinn, Estonia

Mon-Su: Open 24 hours

+372 640 4141
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