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For the adventure hunters

Kolm Lõvi

Why locals love it

It's somewhat of a place for the Kalamaja local Russian community, but other folks go there for an authentic 90s experience. This place has probably only served around ten tourists in its lifetime, even though it looks like it has been there forever. Cheap beer, cheap (but surprisingly good) food, cheap furniture and awful music.



Why you should visit it

You might have had to imagine it before, but this is what Eastern Europe actually is. Well... in Tallinn there is at least one place left like this. Kolm Lõvi definitely takes some courage to visit – hence the name "Three Lions".

Special tip

Take a deep breath before you go in and just accept. It's open when it's open.

Kolm Lõvi
Kopli 14, 10411 Tallinn, Estonia

: 18:00-03:00

: 18:00-02:00

: 18:00-03:00

+372 515 7335
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